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Madame Frankenstein #5 – Comic Review

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After the exciting change in pace last month I was looking forward to the latest issue of Madam Frankenstein, unfortunately it has reverted back to the style of the first few issues.

It starts fairly promising with Henry digging into the recent spate of grave robberies and the break in at the mortuary. He learns that the Doctor who signed most of the Death Certificates relating to the thefts is a drunkard and most likely unable to lift a pen never mind treat the dying. His investigations lead him to a conclusion he had already reached.

Meanwhile Vincent is keeping himself busy with the woman he met at the Fair ground who has decided to stay in the city. While their fraternisations are going on Gail is left at home, rediscovering the comforts of alcohol.

An invitation to a fraternity party gives Vincent the excuse he needed to take Gail out once more and show her off but his jealousy is once more inflamed when she starts to receive all of the attention.

Madame Frank insert

This issue starts off fairly strongly by focusing the narrative on the three main characters and how they are each spending their time in contrasting fashions. To compare their characters to the their initial introductions is fascinating as over the five issues there has been a role reversal between the leading men while Gail seems to grow then recede back into self pity.  This first half is structured in such a fashion as to highlight the main characteristics of the principle players and how the people around them react to their actions. Linda Ruby is enamoured with Vincent and believes she can seduce him outside of the bedroom as well as in while Irene is becoming more disgusted at the Doctor’s actions and his treatment of Gail. All of this is played out in a few panels which are intricately illustrated by Megan Levens but she isn’t given enough to play with. There are small moments of beautiful art work but they become lost in the humdrum narrative of the second act. The whole party scene feels exactly like a scene from the first issue and drags because of this.

The last issue raised the bar for this comic but unfortunately it has slipped back down.  The concept is still a good one and there is obvious talent involved with this comic, both in the writing and the art, but at the moment it seems to be floundering. I am sticking with this to the end but at the moment I feel that I am expecting more than it is giving. There are sparks of brilliance in there, trying to get out and I’m hopeful they’ll escape before the end.


Title: Madame Frankenstein

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jamie S. Rich

Artist: Megan Levens



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