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Madame Frankenstein #6 – Comic Review

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The secrets are starting to come out in the penultimate issue of Levens and Rich’s Madame Frankenstein.

Dr Vincent Krall returns home after last month’s party in a rage, dragging Gail from the car, he thrusts her down into the basement, removing all of her finery in the process. He declares that the experiment is a failure admitting he forgot to take into account the rotting of the mind.

He leaves to visit Linda Ruby but unbeknownst to him Henry isn’t far behind. Henry is slowly discovering all of Vincent’s secrets and he believes he knows what the corrupt Doctor has been up to, but he has yet to find the final piece of the jigsaw but will he find it in time?

Henry forces an encounter with Vincent to confront him with what he knows and at the same time Linda lets herself into the Krall residence where she comes face to face with Gail. Unfortunately neither of the encounters ends very well and blood is spilt.

Madam Frankenstein 6 insert

This issue doesn’t lack for action as the slow story build from previous months reaches its pinnacle and comes crashing down the other side. There are several scenes of violent horror, at least one of which you won’t be expecting but the most disturbing moment in the comic, and probably the series so far, is Vincent’s treatment of Gail as they return home. It’s in this scene that the monster of the story is revealed in all his glory. This scene of abuse is difficult to read as Vincent humiliates Gail by dominating her, stripping away the things that made her appear ‘normal’ and belittling her with cruel language. The harshest moment is when he tells her that she has lost the right to speak as if she is a second, or even third, class citizen and that he is the master: he has the final say over what she does, thinks or feels.  Although there are scenes of violence that are physically more painful, it is the spousal abuse near the beginning that sets the tone for this issue and all sympathy the reader may have been harbouring for Vincent evaporates in the space of two pages.

The script for this issue is very well crafted and deals with some very serious issues in a respectful way and this is reflected in the artwork. Levens facial work this month is wonderful and Vincent seems to de-evolve over the pages as his true nature comes to the fore. The panels and pages are also very atmospheric with a growing darkness that overshadows the narrative.

Once again this comic has clawed its way back up to be something worth reading. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride and the narrative is now hurtling towards its conclusion from a very high point. I have a feeling that this story is going to work better in a collected format because there won’t be the monthly gaps between each chapter allowing you to dwell on the parts that don’t work as well. When this comic has been good, it’s been very good and several issues, this one included, have been excellent reads. I’m looking forward to the conclusion but don’t expect it to be pretty for any of the characters involved. And, hopefully, the Fairies sub plot will be explained.


Title: Madame Frankenstein

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jamie S. Rich

Artist: Megan Levens



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