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Marvel’s Original Sin

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This May marks the debut of Marvel’s Original Sin, an eight-part murder mystery casting suspicion on some of Marvel’s biggest heroes. From the amazing duo Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato, with spectacular variant covers illustrated by Bruce Guice, Steve McNiven, Mike McKone and many more, Original Sin is poised to please Marvel fans the world over.


The Original Sin storyline begins on the moon’s surface with the grisly corpse of Uatu, The Watcher. Even more gruesome is the fact that The Watchers eyes are unaccounted for. How dangerous could missing eyes be? Take note that The Watcher has been witness to every event in Marvel history. Whoever possesses even one of The Watcher’s eyes is capable of unleashing all the secrets of the Marvel Universe.

Senior Vice President of Marvel Publishing, Tom Brevoort commented:

“This is the ultimate NSA leak of the Marvel Universe. [He] knows where all the bodies are buried, including ones that none of our readers know are there… No mainstay of the Marvel Universe will be left untouched by the events of Original Sin.”


Who vanquished the Watcher and now wields his eyes? It could literally be anyone, including one or more of Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes. Everyone is suspect – and no secret is safe.  

Marvel has already revealed a few teasers: Captain America will discover that a close friend has been tampering with his memories. Spider-Man learns that someone else was bitten by the same radioactive spider that originally bit Peter Parker. Personal secrets everywhere will be revealed, from Deadpool to Doctor Strange. 


The Original Sin event will spread across four months, with two issues a month from May through August. The zero issue by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung hits shelves April 23 and will reveal secrets about Nova and The Watcher himself.

What impact will Original Sin have on the Marvel Universe? More than you can imagine. Personally, the Captain America secret alone could very well ignite another Avengers civil war! One thing is for certain, Original Sin is going to shake things up.




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