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The Massive #26 – Comic Review

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Ragnarok: The sky is falling and Fenrir is going to swallow the sun in the latest issue of The Massive. It’s surprising how much is in this issue and the ending, oh the spectacular, heart stopping ending.

The Earth is starting to clean itself starting with the atmosphere around it where all the aircraft and satellites are dropping inexplicably like flies. The falling debris potentially causes problems for the crew of the Kapital as they become literally lost at sea. Lars sees his future disappearing and takes this opportunity to tell Ryan he loves her and she replies, correctly, “You timing both rocks and sucks.”

Mag has also admitted something to himself and accepts that Callum may be right about how they should live their lives. He deposits the ships cache of weapons into the sea and takes control of the Kapital deciding on the safest location to aim for.

Meanwhile Callum and Mary are holed up below deck with their daughter, Yeva. Mary is in a confessional mood but she makes Callum work for it. As he tries to understand the cryptic answers she gives to his, seemingly, straight forward questions, some of the comic’s bigger mysteries are revealed.

And then there’s that ending. The final splash page is what this comic has been building too and it’s the most frustrating cliffhanger ending imaginable. Damn you Brian Wood! How do I speed up time or skip the next four weeks entirely?

the massive insert.1

Ragnarok is the final arc of The Massive and Brian Wood is bringing everything together to answer the questions that have been a part of this narrative from the very beginning. His script is spot on and the back and forth conversation between Callum and Mary reveals so much about her without it being a forced, information heavy explanation.

Garry Brown’s art is very expressive and his attention to detail with the characters is impressive. His depiction of the soul destroyed Callum is harrowing and heart wrenching: he draws a man on the very edge, staring into a bottomless pit of despair but there is a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The impending doom that is driving this arc forward is reflected in the heavy shadows and vast areas of very dark colours that cover page after page. This atmosphere is created by the using flat blocks of colour with defined shadows on the characters and then very simple but affective one colour backgrounds. Jordie Bellaire’s colouring on this comic has been spectacular.

It’s a bit late in the day to jump into this monthly comic because it is so close to the end, however, if you have been reading, you will not be disappointed by this issue.  And don’t forget the trade collections if you’ve not discovered the delights of The Massive, it’s a magnificent work of art.

The Massive #26 cover

Title: The Massive

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Garry Brown

Colourist: Jordie Bellaire



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