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The Massive # 27 – Comic Review

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After two years of searching, in which time Callum Israel has lost nearly everything including his health, the leader of the Ninth Wave has finally found the missing ship from his fleet.  The Massive is a derelict, seemingly devoid of life on her last legs: a reflection of the world around it. Mary, however, exudes hope and insists that she and her daughter join the crew when they board the massive sea vessel.

Mag’s fears they’ll enter a ship load of dead bodies, Ryan and Yusup fear the approaching Crash Wall storm that will destroy The Kapital and Callum fears he will lose what little he has left. Only Mary has no fear but then she knows what they will find on board the Massive, she’s known all along and when she opens the biometric lock to the lower decks, the secrets of The Massive will be revealed.

massive27 insert

This series is so close to the end and Brian Wood has given the reader so much in this issue. The secrets of The Massive are revealed and you get to see what Callum has been chasing for two years and it’s surprising for him as much as it is for the reader. The lower decks and what they hold seems like such a logical outcome to the mystery and yet is still a surprise when it is all laid bare. This is because of the skill at which Wood has distracted the reader from thinking too much about the greater story by concentrating on the characters lives instead. So far the story has been about how the search has affected Callum and his blind obsession despite the crippling illness that has slowly taken over his body. It has been about the crew of the Kapital and how they have dealt with a single minded captain who has lied to them and dismissed them as he saw fit. Although this series is called The Massive, the vessel is just the linchpin holding the wheel of Callum’s life in place. It is the focus of his obsession but has not really been the focus of the story until now. And now it is going to play a major part in how this story ends.

The art work is of the same brilliant standard that has graced previous issues, just check out the sense of isolation created simply using a single shade of blue (just after the title page) and the final touching panel incorporating a close up of father and daughter.  However, there appears to be a double page spread split into two parts so that you have to turn the page for the other half of the image. Maybe I’m wrong and it was designed this way but the image of the Crash Wall looming over the two lonely ships would have looked amazing on a single page – maybe they’ll find a way to fix it for the collection.

Callum Israel has had a shock, the readers have had a shock and all because “We found the fucking Massive!”

The massive #27 cover

Title: The Massive

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Brian Wood

Art: Garry Brown

Colourist: Jordie Bellaire




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