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Moonshine #1 Review

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It’s 1929 and Prohibition is in full force as Lou Pirlo, a Noo Yawk gangster, is sent by his boss to strike a deal with Hiram Holt, a West Virginian distiller who lives in the woods and brews the finest hooch in the land. And then one night some of Hoover’s G-Men, out to bust up Holt’s operation, are savagely killed and Lou realises he’s caught in the middle of something even more dangerous than he thought – will he manage to get through it with his life?

The 100 Bullets creative team, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, reunite for their first Image comic, Moonshine, and it’s not a bad start. It feels like a bit of a generic gangster/prohibition story which is why it didn’t really grab me, even with the murderous beginning.

The mob boss is so archetypical he may as well be called Joe Pesci – he wears trouser braces, smokes a cigah and says “Capiche?” The hillibllies are the same, sitting in their shack in the mountains, wary of outsiders, walking barefoot with guns, etc. Did they get this lot from Central Casting?!


The difference is the subtle supernatural angle being worked in: the killings took place during a full moon, the bodies were mauled by a frenzied beast, there’s a naked delirious hick with weird blood-splattered skin, and the title is Moonshine – yup, this one’s a werewolf comic!

Eduardo Risso’s art is as high quality as it always is though he’s not doing anything different here, producing what you’d expect from him; it’s good but unexciting. Azzarello’s story is a little meandering and unfocused, as well as not being the most compelling despite the crime and horror mix, nor do the characters really jump off the page; but he’s a seasoned pro who’s more than capable of pulling together a worthwhile tale given the space so this series might turn out to be brilliant.

Moonshine #1 isn’t the powerful return I’d hoped from Azzarello/Risso but it’s an unusual setup that hopefully becomes more interesting and original as it progresses. Worth a look for fans of this creative team but keep those expectations loOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!


Publisher: Image

Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Eduardo Risso

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