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MPH #2 – Comic Review

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Roscoe is out of prison and out for revenge in the second issue of Mark Millar’s new super hero comic. While he visits Hal, the man who set him up, and uses his new powers to cause confusion and mayhem, his girlfriend is having gang problems of her own. Her yonger brother is associating with the wrong kind and when she steps in she gets a face full of abuse.

After these initial two confrontations Roscoe and Rosa are reunited and Roscoe shares not only his powers but also his plan for what he going to do with them. Baseball, Rosa’s bother, and Chevy, Roscoe’s best friend, aren’t left out and soon they are all on a usually road trip.

MPH02 inset

Duncan Fegredo gets to show off his talents this month as the scenes change quickly and the story moves from seedy strip clubs to the Indy 500 and on to the heights of New York. There is a lot of detailed back ground work and the characters are treated more like superheroes with exaggerated movements and distorted physical endurance.

The script is better than last month with less awkward exposition. It’s witty and clever and the dialogue feels natural for these characters. The contrast between where Rosa lives in the opening scenes and the condo that Roscoe takes her to maybe obvious but is necessary to illustrate Roscoe’s desires. He wants to get away from his old life and he believes that the acquisition and illusion of wealth is how to escape it. This relates back to the Vision Board idea introduced in the first issue and briefly mentioned again in this issue.

Someone once recommended the film Run Lola Run to me by saying “If you have to watch a film about someone running across Berlin for 90 minutes, this is the film to watch”. This comic is a little bit like that, the majority of this issue feels like a super fast road trip across America, stopping to sight see along the way. The main difference is, Lola’s running had purpose and was the driving force behind the story where as Roscoe’s little jaunt does nothing more than get the characters to a new location. Not a lot seems to happen after the first half of the comic which feels like a missed opportunity. The big villains of the piece are again only hinted at during the final pages whereas it may have served better to spend a bit more time with them. However, this comic is still a good little read, sort of like an Elseworld story about the Flash, and you can sense that one of Mark Millar’s signature big fight scenes is just around the corner.


Title: MPH

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Duncan Fegrado



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