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Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Preview

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On 1st April the Ninth Doctor will return in a brand new story brought to you by Titan Comics.

The new miniseries, entitled Weapons of Past Destruction and comprising 5 issues, will see The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack attempt to track down stolen Time Lord Technology that is being sold on the intergalactic black market.

Their first stop: the shattered remains of a world destroyed before it’s time and surrounded by a hoard of angry, war hungry aliens.

The series has been written by Cavan Scott who knows his way around the Doctor Who universe (and who we were lucky enough to interview recently for the site) and is illustrated by Blair Shedd who has worked on Legends of Oz and Ghostbusters for IDW.

Together they bring a dynamism to the TARDIS and her crew that was synonymous with the ‘first’ series back in 2005. Christopher Eccleston brought an alien manic portrayal to the role of The Doctor who was only just starting to adjust to the consciences of the Time War and this is picked up beautifully by Scott while Shedd captures, in his art, the massive space adventure feel that the show had when the ninth Doctor was in control of the TARDIS.

We will be posting a full review of issue 1 next week when it is released (spoilers: it’s a wonderful addition to Titans range) but in the meantime get a look at these variant covers and start counting down the days.

7 days and counting…..

9D_01_Cover_B 9D_01_Cover_C (1) 9D_01_Cover_D

Title: Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Blair Shedd



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