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Plutona #2 Review

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One of the big challenges Lemire faces in Plutona is writing believable dialogue for multiple children and creating individual voices for each of them. In Plutona #2, any concern about his ability to achieve these tasks is eliminated by rich dialogue and character building. The following review contains spoilers.

The dialogue between the main characters as they figure out what to do with Plutona’s body is so engaging, I hardly minded that it was the bulk of the issue. Outside of their bickering, almost nothing else happens and that’s okay.

What makes this rather uneventful issue palpable is the familiarity of the characters. I know a Ray and I think we all do. You don’t ask yourself “why is he hanging around these kids?” because the Ray in your life has already answered those questions for you. Why doesn’t Diane just speak up? Because we either know a Diane or go through life as Diane. The story doesn’t necessarily lean on stereotypes to fill in these gaps; the reactions and body language of each character says it all.

The collective feeling that exists between the kids is relatable. Being a kid with a secret is particularly tough. The desire to tell a grown-up combined with the fear of getting in trouble is something we’ve all probably faced. I feel for them as both a kid and adult here.

The characterizations are strong and the world is being shelled smoothly. In this world, superheroes are easy to track and follow through media outlets. Teddy gives us a solid reference on how superheroes relate to the real world while the other characters offer other perspectives.

Lenox does a great job expressing each character’s individuality through facial expressions and body language. Interesting shots are chosen to communicate every character’s personal life without saying much at all, particularly in Ray’s case. It’s all in the details. The style may look simple, but the art is deceptively detailed.

This issue makes a real effort to define each character, which we know will be important in coming issues. Lemire is trying to make the task of juggling this number of kids less confusing and it helps. Rather than diving right into the story, we get a moment to know who we’re dealing with before the events overshadow the individuality of the characters. All the while, the sense of impending doom looms over them. It might come off uneventful, but it’s necessary for what’s to come.

Title: Plutona
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Emi Lenox

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