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Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens – Review

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Predators? Okay. Aliens? Sounds good. And Judge Dredd? Oh, sweet crud.

Out in stores to shock and amuse you this week, Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens combines two collected stories pitting Mega City 1’s most famous lawman against two of cinema’s greatest Sc-Fi creations. There are over 170 glorious pages of action packed story along with a number of pin ups by various artists. Most of these pin ups capture both the horror and the beauty of all three of the title characters and you’re bound to recognise the artist’s names.

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In the first story a ‘shooting star’ crashes just outside Mega City 1 bringing with it an angry, blood thirsty visitor from the stars. The Predator hits downtown with full force at first picking off some small fry punks from a hover board gang before focusing his sights on the cities law officers. As Judges start to get picked off Dredd steps in and is the first to go toe to toe with the alien hunter. It ends in stalemate but while Dredd recovers in the hospital the Predator doesn’t let up.

Dredd’s only hope in finding and putting a stop to the hunter is to enlist the help of non-combat active PSI Judge by the name of Schaefer, a descendent from the only survivor of the Predators first hunt on Earth.

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The story is fairly straight forward to start with but there are a few twists thrown in to upset the apple cart. The inclusion of Schaefer feels like an unnecessary link to the film franchise but her character is very well thought out and she is an important crux to the overall story. A large part of the narrative is fist to fist action between Dredd and the Predator but let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect anything less. There are a few moments during these scenes where you begin to question whether either of the characters would still be moving, let alone walking, but then some clever piece of scripting distracts away from the impossibly resilient fighters. It’s an entertaining story and much more memorable than most Predator V’s comics that have been produced over the years.

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After a few wonderful Pin Ups, the Aliens section of the book kicks in with a protest at a drilling site and a sick looking man scrambling around the traffic jams, heading for the hospital. Godber, the sick man, is been hunted on the highway and the gunfire brings him to the attention of Judge Dredd who accompanies him to the hospital. Before the medics get a chance to really look at Godber the classic chest buster scene unfolds and the Alien explodes into the world of Mega City 1.

Dredd takes control of the investigation and tries to track down where the Alien came from while a Verminator squad move into the hospital to hunt the Alien that is loose in the air conditioning. What follows is a classic Alien style story, in fact the Hospital sequences are very similar to the movie Aliens but with added Dredd.  The two plot lines are full of violence and horrendous death sequences and there is more than enough of the horror you would expect from an Aliens story but the most intriguing part of the narrative involves a man called Futsie who travels into the Undercity to see someone called Mr Bones. What Futsie discovers down there not only changes his life for the worse but will horrify all of Mega City 1.

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I have always preferred the Alien franchise out of the two and I think that the Aliens story is much stronger than the Predator story, that’s not to say that they aren’t both really good. There is a danger when producing these V’s type stories to make them a mass of in jokes and references and forget to actually produce a story that stands by itself.  However, John Wagner and Andy Diggle have created two wonderful stories that pay homage to the movie franchise (and Dredd’s comic history) but also add something new to the mix. There are a host of well developed characters and gruesome twist and turns to keep even the most easily distracted reader focused on the book. I read this in one sitting and would recommend it to anyone who likes one (or more) of the titular characters.


PJDA insert.4Title: Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens

Publisher: 2000AD/Dark Horse Comics

Writers: John Wagner/Andy Diggle

Artists: Henry Flint/Alcatena

Pin ups: Brian Bolland/Jock/Greg Staples/Dermot Power




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