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Revenge #4 – Comic Review

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There are some things you read that you will never forget; unfortunately this is one of them. I don’t think that any amount of brain scrubbing will remove this stain from my memory.

In this the (thankfully) final issue of the miniseries, Griffin Franks hunts down his wife, Candy, to a final showdown with his own face at the Golden Globe awards. His final spurt of rage is fuelled by the death of a close friend which comes at the end of whole ridiculous sequence that is punch lined with some groan worthy scripting. The twists and turns of the story won’t come as a surprise to anybody who reads this kind of comic or watches 18 certificate action movies, it’s very formulaic. There are guns, guts, blood, violence and oodles of pointless nudity. There is also a very thin plot on which to hang the violence and needless sex.

It’s very difficult to find anything positive to say about this comic.  The ceremony scenes are full of shameful cameo appearances, you can play a game of spot the star if you so wish, and I would recommend that you do because it’s the closest to entertainment you’re going to get. Yes, Ian Churchill’s art is very well produced but his design and character work would be laughable if it wasn’t so insulting.

I understand that there is an element of satire in both the story and the art however this doesn’t come across very well.  The script is steeped in clichés and terrible one liners and the art is unnecessarily gratuitous, I assume it’s supposed to be shocking but by the end it’s just nauseating. This is a shame because Jonathan Ross has written some brilliant things in the past, Turf was one of the best comics of 2010, and Ian Churchill has a string of wonderful work behind him.   I believe that this comic will find an audience and some of those readers will defend this to the hills but unfortunately they will never be able to convince me that there is any worth in these pages. I wanted this to be good, I wanted to be able to support Messrs Ross and Churchill but unfortunately you can judge this book by its cover, and it’s not a good cover.


Title: Revenge

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jonathan Ross

Artist: Ian Churchill




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