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Shutter #3 – Comic Review

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And the Bomb Bullet goes off.

But first the readers are introduced to the poor, down on his luck gecko that pulls the trigger. Alister Schork’s life is spiralling out of control and he is forced to step back into the assassination business. And his is not the only back story that is explored in this issue, as we are shown how Kate and Alain met and we are introduced to a foul mouthed fox like creature called Ekland. The story moves forward at quite a pace with a lot going on but at no time does it feel crowded or rushed.

Shutter03 insert 2

Joe Keatinge takes his crazy fantasy down a darker road in this issue by showing the after effects of an explosion in a more realistic fashion which makes some of it unsettling to read. There is one particular panel which will make you wince and feel for the character involved. The image is carefully handled by Leila Del Duca so that it is not overtly disturbing but it gets the message across: you would not want to be in this particular character’s shoes.  She also manages to subtly change her art style to reflect the different tones in the narrative so that the serious moments aren’t belittled by a comedic visual.

Shutter #3 deals with pain and the past and possible links between the two. For example it’s the emotional pain in Schork’s personal life that leads to his exploitation by former colleague’s that in turn causes the physical pain in Kate and Alain’s life. It’s a case of cause and effect but how it all fits together is yet to be seen. There are a number of interesting story lines slowly converging on Kate and with them some very angry, violent characters. And the ending of this issue promises more reveals to come next month.

The art is beautiful and the story engaging. It twists and turns so that you have no idea what’s around the corner, do you remember the gangster lions from the last issue? Shutter just keeps getting better, which for something that started so well, is a great achievement.


Title: Shutter

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila Del Duca




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