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Shutter #4 – Comic Review

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It’s family reunion time and like everybody’s family, Kate’s is full of dark secrets.

In the latest issue of Joe Keatinge’s Shutter it’s all about history as a whole host of character’s back stories are told in a number of varying styles. First up is the late 19th century styled life story of Harrington, the skull headed butler at Kate’s family home who was introduced last issue. The reader is shown his miserable Scrooge like life and the horrendous deed that led him to a life of servitude.  This is followed by two sequences illustrating Kate’s upbringing, each portrayed in a different visual style and the back stories are completed with the tale of how Kate’s Nanny met her father. What about Kate’s mother? They don’t talk about her mother.

Shutter 4 insert

All of these flashbacks are framed around Kate’s rediscovery of her family home where she is confronted with a host of characters that have been chasing her for the last few issues. Meanwhile Ekland visits a Platypus with a fax machine seeking legal advice, I kid you not, and the meeting doesn’t end how you would expect it.

Joe Keatinge has created a brilliantly clever structure to introduce the new cast into Kate’s world. The script is witty, intricate and enjoyable from the first page to the last. This is all illustrated with a mix of artistic styles by Leila Del Duca who once again surpasses any expectations you might have about her work. Each of the back stories are drawn in a manner that fits both the tale and the character showing that Del Duca has carefully selected the images to produce emotional reactions in the reader, whether it’s sympathy or revulsion.

This comic is so enjoyable it’s difficult to find fault with any aspect of it. If I was pushed, I’d have to complain about the lack of gangster lions this month but I just know they’ll be back. I highly recommend this again this month and I guarantee that time spent reading this will not be wasted time.


Title: Shutter

Publisher: Image Comic

Writer: Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila Del Duca



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