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Shutter #5 – Comic Review

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10 years ago and Kate’s father is about to be harpooned by a strange, Imperial Guard like monk but luckily she sweeps in to rescue him. You’d think he’d be happier about it.

Kate gives chase but her father warns her to not to: “some things are better left unknown.”

In the here and now Kate is trying to come to terms with her family news and the young brother who is sitting in the next room. The General comes out to try and talk to Kate but she’s not in the mood, she still has a lot to come to terms with. Instead she decides to try and get to know Chris Junior a little better but it’s an uphill battle, especially when she finds out how old he is – why is this important? Well, when they return to the flashback sequence….no, you’ll have to read it for yourself. There are a few twists and turns and Kate decides to go for a joyride with Junior because Adventure is at the heart of them all.

Shutter #5 insert

Joe Keatinge has written a brilliant, heartbreaking family drama disguised as an Adventure story. Kate is forced through a massive range of emotions in this issue, especially if you take into account the ending, which gives the earlier story more weight. The decision to focus on Kate for the majority of the issue is a very clever move because it intensifies her situation and leads the reader through her suffering and frustration.

Leila Del Duca has her work cut out for her this month thanks to a very emotional script but her work rises to the challenge and succeeds in producing very moving imagery. She captures the range of emotions that Kate goes through and produces some exemplary silent panels that need no words.

Keatinge and Del Duca are doing an outstanding job with this comic and (I may have said this before) it just keeps getting better every month. They have switched from the over the top fantasy of previous issues to a secluded family drama with such ease and with no loss of momentum. This not only showcases their abilities to produce a variety of stories but highlights that anything is possible in the world of Shutter.


Title: Shutter

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila Del Duca



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