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Spread #1 – Comic Review

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In a Post Apocalyptic world the narrator of this story introduces the main central character, known as No, through as series of unfortunate and violent incidents. No attends the site of a crashed airplane in the desperate hope that there are some survivors but he arrives too late as human scavengers and The Spread has got there first.

The Spread of the title is an undisclosed life form that devours and uses human bodies for its own needs. In appearance it resembles the love child of the 1950’s B-Movie Blob and John Carpenter’s Thing. There are different types of the creature that have different functions and specialities, in this first issue the reader is introduced to a huge mass of grotesqueness named The Flyer and then a collection of small, vaguely dog like beasts referred to as Runners.

Spread insert

No escapes from one mess into another. The first is par for course in the vile creepshow in which he lives but the second is something different, something a bit more unexpected. He is asked by a dying woman for help, but not for herself, and this leads to a confrontation with a group of post apocalypse mad men who underestimate our hero and pay the price.

There is more to the story and Hope plays a large role but I don’t wish to give too much away, it’s fair to say that the ground work for the series is firmly laid out in this issue. Between them Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm have created a world full of vaguely familiar concepts and mashed them together to create something new. If you are a big fan of End of the World stories or monster massacre’s then this comic will appeal to you. There is a zombie-esq element near the beginning of the story where the Spread takes over and uses a dead body. This sequence has a Walking Dead feel about it and that is carried throughout the rest of the comic. The protagonist doesn’t say very much but he has a Rick Grimes like swagger mixed with a Mad Max style action hero.

The art is expectantly gruesome and highly detailed: in one panel I think that Strahm draws every single hail on No’s face. The fast paced action is illustrated using plenty of motion lines and blurred effects so that you get the sense of urgency and danger required by the narrative. The colour pallet is very small but this suits the bleak story that unravels in this issue however Felipe Sobreiro must have used his entire supply of red pigment in the two magnificent double spread pages.

It must be said that this comic will not appeal to some people and there will be those who find the story and settings a little too familiar, especially if you are a massive fan of this type of fiction, but there is a lot on show in this first issue. Plus, it does exactly what a first issue should do; it introduces the main character and the setting for his story. By the end you have a feel of what the comic is all about so you can easily decide if it’s a place you want to revisit month after month.


Title: Spread

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Kyle Strahm

Colourist: Felipe Sobreiro



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