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Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 Review

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GI Joe and Transformers, Mars Attacks! and Judge Dredd, Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – now add Star Trek/Green Lantern to the growing list of IDW crossovers!

Something evil and mysterious has killed off the Guardians. The only survivor, Ganthet, takes the last six power rings with him into another universe before dying. Enter the USS Enterprise who chances upon the rings – and then Klingons attack!

Besides the fact that they’re from different universes entirely, Star Trek/Green Lantern both have a lot in common: they’re titles about space faring adventurers who like to have fun while saving the universe. So this crossover, subtitled The Spectrum War, isn’t a bad fit.

Most of this first issue is taken up with the Star Trek side. This is JJ Abrams’ Star Trek cast with artist Angel Hernandez drawing the likenesses of the actors, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, etc., onto the characters, while writer Mike Johnson maintains the elements of playfulness and high stakes drama in the script. Karl Urban’s Bones is still the funniest character in the group!

But it’s not that exciting a read because so much of this issue is setup – getting the Star Trek and Green Lantern characters together and tantalisingly positioning them for fun later in the series. It does look like the audience’s expectations are set to pay off though – that cliffhanger! – so it’ll definitely be worth sticking around to see what happens next.

Star Trek/Green Lantern #1 isn’t an explosive start to this limited series but it’s not a bad comic either. The crossover looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and hopefully now that the table-setting has been done, we’ll see some cool space action in the next issue!


Publisher: IDW

Writer: Mike Johnson

Artist: Angel Hernandez

Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez

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