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Sunstone Volume 2 Review

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At the very tail end of 2014, I picked up Sunstone volume 1 as I started to become aware of this coffee guzzling writer and artist called Stjephan Sejic. The book was absolutely beautiful and unlike a certain global-spanning novel claiming to be all about BDSM (it rhymes with “shitty ways to play”), this showed a truer side to the community and what it entails.

So what does Sunstone volume 2 bring us? We get to meet Sunstone’s equivalent of Central Perk from Friends. It’s a BDSM club called Crimson (oh look, more red!) owned by the very charming Harper (who’s mask I am now deeply coveting). We get to meet people who will play more of a role in the lives of Ally, Lisa and Alan. Something which I feel needed to happen after the set up of volume 1. It could be very easy for a writer to fall into the trap of just repeating the same thing each volume: a set of different BDSM scenes which just amps up the “wow” factor each time.


Some people just don’t see what BDSM is all about. And that is absolutely fine.

Bringing in other BDSM couples such as Tom (who looks suspiciously like Stjephan) and Cassie, Harper & his sub Tanya, as well as Alan’s business partner Chris (who, as we can see from the conversation above adds a new element to the book) gives us a cast of characters that help flesh out this beautiful world. Having Alan’s business partner is a a refreshing addition to this newly formed ensemble. Chris just doesn’t get BDSM. It’s important to have this point of view because as much as these guys all love this world, it isn’t for everyone. He is a simple sort of guy who just loves steak, this being actual steak and his way of saying vanilla sex. I don’t want to go into much detail about the other cast members as that is half the joy of reading the first half of this book.

Sunstone volume 2

Ally and Alan’s personal origin story

We also get a very detailed look at the origin story of Ally and Alan which was hinted at in volume 1. It is certainly interesting seeing a Dom and Domme try to outdo each other and how it would lead to their eventual demise as a couple. There are some very interesting scenes played out and they were both clearly very sexually advanced at the tender age of 19. I certainly didn’t harbour any interests like that when I was 19 nor could I say I had experienced anything remotely kinky! Maybe I was sheltered but this was the only part of the book that felt slightly off to me. It is an absolute minor nitpick of mine and comes solely from my own experiences. Maybe I just missed out on all the awesome stuff!


The final and most important part of this book is an incredibly vital and heartbreaking story. This arc alone would make Sunstone volume 2 arguably an informative textbook for those who are just dipping their toe into the world of BDSM. Things can go wrong. Good people can fuck up. But the important thing is trust, love and communication. The characters grow and flesh out even more than in volume 1 because of the way the story develops in the final part.

Overall, this book continues to enthral, educate, move and titillate. If you want to read a comic which portrays women, sex and BDSM in an incredibly positive light, yet still showing the pitfalls of relationships and the dangers of S&M (if rules are not adhered to) then you need this book in your life. It is also the little things like shibari (go google it) rope knots used as the background dressing for pages. Subtle details like that just make this book so damn enjoyable. You can find Sunstone Volume 2 in all good comic book stores or online from 12th May 2015.

If you have questions or comments about the book, please do get in touch either on here or via social media. Same goes if you want to be pointed into the right direction because you’re a wee bit curious about BDSM!

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