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The Superannuated Man #1 – Comic Review

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If you’ve read any of Ted McKeever’s stuff before you’ll probably already be aware that it’s going to be a little strange, if you haven’t then prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Two mutant kids discuss an almost mythical character, a human called HE, who lives in an amazingly designed boat house, in the same way that you’d swap tales of the Witch who lives in the old house at the bottom of the road. There is an element of wonder and a touch of fear in their conversation which is interrupted by a scuba diver who scares them off and we are introduced to our title character. It is revealed that HE is trying to rustle up a meagre living by fishing the depths of a polluted sea but for reasons, as yet unknown, he is being watched by a number of individuals.

Superann page 1

Ted McKeever  creates a wonderful but gruesome looking cast of characters, most of whom aren’t really defined in this first issue but they are there, ready to shine. The central character is witty and strangely optimistic which seems at odds with the disturbed world surrounding him. The black and white format helps to define the tone of the comic and enables McKeever to create some wonderful reveal sequences. There is a scene where the panel images move down from a creature’s eye to its head and on to its body to reveal the hideous beast in its entirety like a slow reveal in a monster movie. The lack of colour gives it a B-movie feel  and, in the same way as a movie, the creatures become more credible because they are shrouded in shadows.

The story is scene setting only but when you have the types of scenes that McKeever creates, a first issue needs little more.  This is an enjoyable read which will make you laugh and screw up your face in disgust in equal measure. As the story unfolds over the six issue run it will be interesting to see how The Superannuated Man develops but I doubt that he will prove to be obsolete.

Superann cover

The witch at the end of the street.

Title: The Superannuated Man

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ted McKeever



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