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The Superannuated Man #3 – Comic Review

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It’s not a good day to be the last man alive, especially when the head of the underworld is out for your skin. This issue sees the hero, He, have an awkward conversation in a toilet, be taken by surprise, receive a thorough beating and finally make a, quite possibly pointless, stand. Also there’s some crazy shit happening beneath the sea.


While the plot for this month doesn’t move forward very much, He goes from one small room to another, there is a lot going on. Some of the history of this world is examined and a variety of the ‘evolved architects of innovation’ are held up for study. The first confronts He in the toilet and waxes philosophical while at the same time illustrating exactly why He is the Superannuated Man. Animals have taken over and the archaic ways of Humankind have been replaced, although as far as He is concerned, not much has changed.

Superannuated man insert


This idea that it is only the aesthetic of the world that has changed is further illustrated by He’s incarceration and torture by the creatures of the underworld. Although their reasons have not been made clear yet, none of it bodes well for He and his existence.


The story in this issue is fairly simple, as I’ve already mentioned, but the narrative is quite complex. The discussions are about philosophy and evolution and He’s internal monologue is introspectively nihilistic. All of this is dressed in some of the most beautiful and grotesque art work currently on sale in any comic book shop. Ted McKeever’s work is a feast of visual delights and there are two contrasting splash pages that scream to be framed and hung in a gallery. The first is of He, taking a quiet moment and has no text, and represents a perfect moment of peace in the crazy world he inhabits. The second is of the ‘creature’ under the sea, her body twisted and cracked, there is still no text but the image is a reflection of the chaotic world. The first also represents the last of something, the last man, while the second image reeks of rebirth and the emergence of life.


McKeever has crafted a thought provoking piece of highly detailed art which is steeped in ideas, character and violence. This isn’t a quick, light read but is worth every moment of your time.



Title: The Superannuated Man

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ted McKeever



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