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The Superannuated Man #5 – Review

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“I suddenly found the sheer absurdity of it all to be completely and utterly….hillarious.”

‘He’ has fallen through the cracks in Blackwater and what he finds down in the sewer chills him to the bone but also brings back memories of his life before the ‘big change’. This issue is split into two storylines, each centred around a defining moment in the life of Mister Pappy, The Superannuated Man.

In the past, Pappy is out on the ocean where he feels most at home, away from everyone except his canine friend, The Captain. Unfortunately his peace is shattered by a plague spewing fish. Pappy himself is not affected but Captain instantly falls ill. In a desperate plea for help, Pappy takes his sick friend to the nearest hospital but they are declined assistance because of the hatred the locals have towards Pappy due to the crime he was accused of. He is physically manhandled and left to fend for himself. It’s at this moment he bares witness to the first affects of the Evolutionary-modifying Pandemic that causes the ‘big change’.

In the present day, he learns some truths about the town of Blackwater and the origin of the name ‘He’.

SuperAnnuatedMan05 insert

In this issue McKeever is literally delving beneath the surface of the town he has created in order to flesh out his obscure, outlandish world. By focusing on the history of the titular character he is also able to tell the story of Blackwater and begin to tie up the hanging narrative threads from the previous issues. There is a sense that everything is about to become crystal clear just at the same moment that Pappy has finally given in and accepted the ridiculous world he has managed to survive in.

McKeever is keeping the story alive through his cast of grotesques and the endearing qualities of his lead character. Pappy is a misunderstood man who has been shunned by the world and wants to be left alone but the affection for his one friend forces him to interact with the people who despise him. He is vulnerable in both story lines which creates a sympathetic character at the heart of the narrative. This focus almost distracts the reader from the outlandishness and you find yourself accepting the crazy world of Blackwater. This allows McKeever to really push the boat out with his Art and produce some of the most stunning black and white work currently available. The visuals are worth the cover price alone but luckily for everyone reading, the story is engaging and surprisingly emotional.


Title: Superannuated Man

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Ted McKeever



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