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Supreme Blue Rose #1 – Comic Review

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This has been billed as the re-imaging of a classic Image Comic’s character but I am not familiar with the original. However, the cover for this comic is so gorgeous how can you not pick it up?

Warren Ellis’ story introduces the reader to a number of characters who inhabit a Universe that is only a few months old. The whole introduction, littered with snippet philosophy and half spoken truths, appears to be a dream sequence when the narration shifts to Diana Dane waking in her New York apartment. Diana turns out to be a reporter who the reader follows to a meeting/interview at the National Praxinoscope Company. There she is inducted into a strange psychedelic, hidden world within the office block and told that any understanding requires her to “Find out who Ethan Crane is.”

SBrose #1 insert

Warren Ellis has written a brilliant introductory issue and, despite not knowing anything about the character, I don’t feel as though I have missed anything from previous outings. There is a lot of narrative in this first issue and many story concepts are thrown into the mix from the get go. This is similar to Ellis’ other recent monthly from Image, Trees (issue 3 of which is also out this week). The main difference is that Diana Dane is the central character and the backbone to each of the plot points. She has an impressive presence, which is wonderfully refreshing to read. Her character is obviously lost on some level as depicted in the opening scene but it doesn’t slow her down. She is professional with a keen instinct: this is illustrated when she spots a figure similar to the Enigma from her dreamscape so she takes a photo and quips “Best Instragram Ever.”

Diana is an intellectual character who is wonderfully realised in the art of Tula Lotay. The artwork throughout, with Diana as the central lynch pin between the worlds displayed, is as beautiful as the cover. The sturdy characters overlaid on the magnificently painted backdrops are brilliant and if you removed the lettering you’d be left with a work of art fit to hang on your wall. There is also a sketch effect that coats each page which reeks of the modernist ideal: The artists thought processes are on show and this is reflected in the script to illustrate the many levels that are at work in this single issue.

Warren Ellis has produced another monthly comic worth picking up and, if his other recent offerings are anything to go by, this will just get better. Plus I could look at the art work all day and never get bored.


Title: Supreme Blue Rose

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Tula Lotay



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