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That’s Because You’re A Robot –Comic Review

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Two cops in a rough and ready world of an indiscriminate future are thrown the bombshell that one of them is a robot but no-body knows which one it is.  The bickering then starts as they go about their policing business and proving that they are both pretty inefficient at their job. They fail at interrogation, bundle a stakeout and, well, the list goes on.

The problem is that the list is basically comprised of clichés from Police Buddy Movies. This is supposed to be a comedy, so it is written with its tongue in its cheek but it fails to raise many laughs. The two central characters are so annoying that you don’t really care if one of them is or is not a robot, it just doesn’t seem to matter.

TBYAR2 insert 2

There is a whole host of other characters that you hope would fill the hole left by the central two but unfortunately these are also nothing more than 2 dimensional caricatures from a bygone age of cinema.

David Quantick had a very illustrious background in writing comedy for, mostly, British television and a string of journalistic achievements. However, he has not managed to bring the same kind of wit to this comic. The script is uninspired and doesn’t channel the clever, sarcastic, deadpan humour of his TV writing in the same way. Maybe the emphasis of the speech as it is spoken would give it the kick that it needs but on paper I found it lacking.

Shaky Kane does a decent enough job with the art although at times it does feel a bit flat, the mass of super-ish villains in one scene are easily mistakable for a collection of billboards. The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to tell the foreground from the background so as a reader it’s not always obvious what you should be focusing on.

It reminds me of the early 1990’s adult comic’s that were fairly popular for a while, just as the Newcastle humour comic Viz became a massive success, but without the smutty gags. There appears to be an intention to produce a Philip K Dick type comedy story but unlike the great sci-fi writer’s work, this lacks direction and fails to find its feet.


Title: That’s Because You’re A Robot

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  David Quantick

Artist: Shaky Kane



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