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Translucid #1 And #2 – Comic Review

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It’s an age old story, Good against Evil, Hero against Villain, and Hologram against Horse. The premise behind Translucid is what happens when the eternal battle between vigilante and Super villain comes to an end. The first issue introduces the Horse, a mask wearing crime lord who organises a spectacular hostage situation at the Empire State Building to bring his heroic nemesis out into the open. As this unfolds in the present, a selection of flashbacks show a young boy, Cornelius, seemingly assembling a vigilante suit. This is picked up in issue two and becomes the central story, introducing his athletic older brother, abusive father and long suffering mother. The two issues have elements that focus on completely different aspects of the narrative and don’t, at any point, feel as though they are separate stories.  The juxtaposition between the outlandish action and down to earth, broken home life gives each element of the story a heightened importance.

Daniel Bayliss draws a convincing world inhabited by both over the top caricatures and a realistically rendered family. It is around Cornelius’ family where the art work is really effective, creating some tense and disturbing scenes. There is a moment in the family kitchen where the action could go in so many ways and the outcome is obviously going to be important in the unfolding story.  This is edge of the seat story telling. The most outstanding thing about the art is the colouring by Adam Metcalfe. He uses a whole range of colour themes throughout the comic from muted, realistic tones for a high school sequence to highly psychedelic greens and yellows for the destruction of a suspension bridge.

Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert aren’t new to mixing massive fantasy ideas with soap opera style narratives; in fact most of their work is based on this very concept. They have a very natural style of writing that allows readers to accept the fantasy embedded into a specific personal story, such as a child witnessing an abusive relationship.  Each character has their own voice and even the supporting characters are fleshed out beyond ‘random extra in classroom’ or ‘general science guy’. There is a steady, even pacing and lyricism to the script which it probably owes to Claudio Sanchez’s musical background.

Translucid is both a Superhero opus and a moving family drama that draws on elements of both genres to create one mythic tale. It will be interesting to see how all of the elements on show so far will tie together in the end. Knowing these writer’s previous work, there will be many twists and turns before issue 6 is out and no doubt not everything will be as it seems.

TL cover

Title: Translucid

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert

Artist:  Daniel Bayliss




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