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Translucid #6 – Comic Review

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“Few people have suffered the way that you have. The way that we have.”

There is violence a plenty in the final issue of Sanchez and Echert’s superhero opus as the hero faces his two biggest foes. The issue starts serenely and eerily quiet as the narration leads the reader into the bunker where The Horse is plugged into the Navigator who is comatose on an old wooden table.  The story then leaps into the psychedelic mindscape where Cornelius is fighting with the demonic form of his mother. The over bearing, blame spewing creature desperately tries to break Cornelius’ will and force him to dwell in self pity but the young boy (or rather the repressed memories of the Navigator) has grown strong through his recent mental encounters and manages to fight back, defeating the vile creature.

He then tears away at his own face to reveal The Navigator costume beneath his childhood skin and finally confronts The Horse in one final battle to the death.  But surely no one expects it all to be that simple?

Translucid-06 insert.2

There is a large element of horror on show in this issue with violent actions punctuated by disturbing images: the visual of a young Cornelius tearing away at his face will haunt my dreams for a long while. The bright colours are used for emphasis however it is the large flat areas of white that highlight the more striking images this month. And there is a double page spread that is a brilliant work of composition and design

Although this issue isn’t as full of twists and turns as I expected, it is a very satisfying end to the wonderful family drama that has been unravelling over the last 6 months. There is a conclusion that’s brutal and (almost) final and wraps the story up in a very pleasing, albeit upsetting, way.  Team Sanchez/Echert are master story tellers who always find a new way of looking at tired, old genres.  This series was a critique of the Vigilante story while at the same time it was an extended origin story which had a distinct beginning, middle and end. Now I have reached the end I feel the urge to pick up issue 1 and read the entire thing through again.

Translucid #6 cover.1

Title: Translucid

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writers: Claudio Sanchez/Chondra Echert

Artist: Daniel Bayliss

Colourist: Adam Metcalfe



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