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Trees #1 – Comic Review

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When a series of alien columns appear all over the world life is changed for everyone but not necessarily in ways that they expected.

Warren Ellis’ new title for Image Comics introduces a selection of characters at different stages of their lives, all who inhabit very different parts of the world. There is Vince who grew up on the streets and is now running for mayor; Tian who is a budding young artist moving away from home for the very first time and Marsh, a scientist in a frozen wasteland.  Each of these characters is introduced in a world overshadowed by the ‘Trees’ of the title, a nickname for the unexplained alien columns that can be seen constantly in the background.

The majority of this issue introduces the characters and their settings however the opening introduces the world in which these people live. And it’s not a pleasant world. The opening sequence is shocking and violent and contains at least one disturbing image that will stay with you while you read the rest of the comic.

Trees 1 1

Warren Ellis has managed to create an individual voice for each of his central characters and there is an air of intrigue surrounding each one. They each represent a different aspect of world they inhabit, the creative, the political and the scientific, and appear to have been influenced by the Trees in one way or another. How their stories will unfold and relate to each other is yet to be seen but there is enough in each plot line to keep the reader interested.

The opening sequence has a kinetic energy that flows through the art. Jason Howard’s sketchy style suits this kind of action sequence and the contrasting panels, from blues and greens to stark yellow, heightens the chaotic and deadly chase. The shift in colour palates between each of the characters’ stories helps to illustrate the different settings and experiences for each.

The design and layout of this first issue is superb and the story really pulls you in. This is everything that a first issue should be, a gripping tale of people inhabiting a world that is unfamiliar but also hauntingly recognisable. There is much to be revealed about Trees and if this start is anything to go by, the revelations are going to be exciting and world shattering.

Trees issue 1

Title: Trees

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Jason Howard



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