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Trees #3 – Comic Review

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It’s all about the Artists in this month’s issue of Trees as the creative characters form the backbone of the story. The narrative centres on Professor Luca Bongiorno and the young Chenglei and their interactions with two female strangers who enter their lives. Eligia tracks down and decides to follow the Professor after their encounter on the hill side in the last issue.  Something about the mysterious man and his ability to silently disappear caught Eligia’s eye and she hasn’t been able to get him out of her head. After stalking him for the day as he lunches, visits a bookshop and generally has a relaxing day, she eventually has a confrontation with him in an abandoned house.

Elsewhere young Chenglei has hidden himself away in his apartment and watches what little he can over the township from his high window.  But the niece of a fellow inhabitant intrudes on his privacy and insists on showing him the sights. At first he is afraid to venture out into the strange world where he has set up home but Zhen is convincing and has a nurturing nature.

At the end of each story thread an offer is made by one member of the couple and accepted by the other.

Trees #3 insert

Warren Ellis has shifted the story away from the characters he has established in the previous two issues and once again brought the bit parts to the forefront. The most surprising aspect of this is that the Trees of the title are barely featured and only glimpsed in the back ground in a blink and you’ll miss them cameo but, because the script is so strong and the character’s so engaging, Ellis manages to pull this off. The art work is as good as in previous issues with Jason Howard having a chance to deal with intimate character portraits.

The world that the two creators are building in this comic is vast and wonderful. There is always the element of danger: the flash of a knife, a drawing of a gun, the imposing vision of the Trees but this is soaked up into the beautiful landscapes and variety of characters that are put before the reader.

I think I recommended this comic in previous months and that still stands, this is a definite must read.


Title: Trees

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Jason Howard



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