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Trees #8 – Review

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‘Arcana Intellego’

You know that moment near the start of a movie where the hero gets a girlfriend and she says she’s in love and instantly you know she’s going to die sometime soon? Something like that happens in this issue of Trees, except it has a twist and comes out of the blue and, basically, will have your jaw dropping to the floor with a resounding crash.

Pretty much everything kicks off in this issue and the majority of the major players lives are changed in quite dramatic ways.

The city Shu is cleansed, Eligia takes control of the underworld and Dr Marsh is finally forced to leave the artic research base: not quite in time!

The various plotlines are thrust forward in very dramatic ways and it would appear that the characters who’d been built up to be the leads were nothing more than crutches for the supporting characters.

It’s a shocker of an issue!

Trees insert

Warren Ellis has been building slowly towards this issue for quite some time and his execution of the action is controlled and precise. It has just the right pacing to produce total shock factor and I don’t believe anyone would have seen what was coming. The term ‘Game Changer’ could easily be applied to this: it’s like the moment when Akira first awakens in the Akira manga, everything is thrown up into the air.

Jason Howard doesn’t disappoint with the Art and handles the chaotic destruction with aplomb. He manages to switch between quiet, conversational page layouts to utter destruction and back again without missing a beat. The reader is lulled into a moment of peace and then thrown into the disturbing violence without a chance to prepare. It’s all about the pacing which, as I’ve already stated, is spot on.

Maybe I could find fault with this issue after a second reading but at the moment I’m too much in shock.

Did I mention it’s a shocker?


Title: Trees

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Jason Howard



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