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My Week in Comics – 13/08/2014

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Batman #34

Story by Scott Snyder and Gerry Duggan. Script by Duggan. Drawn by Matteo Scalera. Coloured by Lee Loughridge.

This was cool. After the epic, 14-month run for Zero Year, this serves as a very effective palate-cleanser before piling into next month’s Futures End tie-in and the next big storyline thereafter. This is a done-in-one, following Batman on the trail of a serial killer called The Meek. It’s a very effective detective story, with some beautiful art from Matteo Scalera. Where Greg Capullo’s work on this comic every month looks like a multi-million-dollar blockbuster, this looks like a dirty, grimy little video nasty, in the best possible way. Lee Loughridge’s washed-out colour palette sets the tone perfectly, almost evoking True Detective at times. If ever there was a comic which advertised the reason DC give their colourists cover credit, this is it. It’s an earthier tone, for a more down-to-Earth comic. I think by this point you all know that Batman is ace. Buy this comic. More Duggan and Scalera on major titles in the future, please!


Constantine #17

Written by Ray Fawkes. Drawn by Edgar Salazar. Inked by Jay Leisten. Coloured by Richard and Tanya Horie.

Ripped apart by the combination of the spell being performed to recover his psyche last month and the kill switch spell triggered by Tannarak, John is thrown back into World War I, specifically the bombardment of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Leaving John to survive both a pitched military battle and an encounter with Doctor Occult. The Constantine resurgence continues apace. One can only hope the TV show will attract some extra readers and keep this going.


Justice League United #4

Written by Jeff Lemire. Drawn by Mike McKone. Inked by Cam Smith. Coloured by Marcelo Maiolo.

With the battle concluded last month, this comic takes a bit of a breather in the aftermath to set up some genuinely worthwhile character moments. It’s a nice issue which finally shows them as a team with potential. The art is as good as ever, and Maiolo’s colours really pop. It’s a good comic, but I’m hoping that with the first full arc as a team, it’ll really achieve the heights this team should be hitting.


I’m having a bit of a break from reviewing the weeklies. There’s not enough to say on a weekly basis. They’re not forgotten, though. Batman Eternal is still really good, and Futures End is still a bit disappointing.

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