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The Wicked + The Divine 15 – Comic Review

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1, 2, 3, 4… And once again, we return. As always, here be spoilers.

The penultimate issue of The Wicked + The Divine‘s third arc arrives heralded by the sound of crows, the flick’ring of candles and more eyeliner than an Amy Winehouse convention. That’s right, it’s the Morrigan’s spotlight issue. None more Goth.

TSOM vs Metallica

This issue of The Wicked + The Divine is framed by a present day exchange between the still-angry Baal, the precocious Minerva and their prisoner The Morrigan. While the meat of the issue shows the Morrigan and Baphomet’s origins back in the misty past of 2012, the juiciest snippets of plot come in the present day sections.

WicDiv 15 - Guilt

The flashback sections serve to flesh out The Morrigan and Baphomet beyond their godly image.  Readers have long been aware of Morrigan and Baphomet’s relationship pre-ascension, but exploring it here provides an interesting look at two people who could be great together, of only they’d stop being so bloody daft about it. (See also: Baal and Inanna etc) As a recovering teenage gamer (Board, war and role-playing, we didn’t have your PvP CODBLOPS Halos back in my day…) I know *exactly* the people Kieron Gillen is writing about here. Vampire: The Masquerade was huge back in the day, and attracted more than it’s fair share of uber-goths who were just as ludicrous as they appear here. Fear not, I was never a goth. Not sure what my social tribe was at that point, actually. General misfit, probably. The ignominy of miniature painting failures is a pain I knew only too well.

WicDiv - Bloody Goths

The Morrigan has always been personality-fluid; switching between her Morrigan, Badb and Gentle Annie selves at will(?) but this issue we see her as Morrigan almost exclusively. Badb only puts in an appearance when she’s really angry and spiteful. It’s Marian lashing out. As a result, she seems more stable than ever before. Baphomet on the other hand is shown at his most human; vulnerable and fallible. I’m increasingly warming to Baphomet. He’s an idiot, but he’s not willfully evil, just stupid and easily manipulated. I’d not be surprised if he ends up in a heroic role soon enough. Suffice to say, I think he’s starting to get a handle on things but he’s still playing catch-up. It’s The Morrigan’s issue, but I feel like we’re seeing more about Baphomet than her. What is abundantly clear is that Marian loves Cameron. She became The Morrigan when she was incredibly angry and hurt about their relationship, and still after that she asks Ananke to raise him to the Pantheon. Marian loves Cameron and The Morrigan loves Baphomet, dysfunctional though they might be.

WicDiv 15 - Mistake

Art for this issue of The Wicked + The Divine is supplied by the quite frankly great Leila De Luca who has been producing Shutter, also at Image Comics, with Joe Keatinge. Her dark & inky, yet fine-lined, style is used to good effect here. The detail in the church scene, the pronounced cheekbones on Marian and Cameron’s faces, everything is really on point. I really like seeing the changes in Marian once she ascends and becomes The Morrigan. The Morrigan’s outfits to date have been extravagant and over the top and more suited to an Evanessence video, or a night at Slimelight, than skulking around moping about the futility of life. Thrift store skirts give way to elaborate bodices and feathered detailing. She really is, like all the other gods, the ultimate wish-fulfillment of herself.

WicDiv 15 - Fall

I hope we get to see more of Mini in The Wicked + The Divine going forward. A goddess of wisdom will surely start unraveling Ananke’s plot sooner rather than later, if this issue is anything to go by. As the death toll rises, one imagines that writer Kieron Gillen will afford more page time to those characters previously on the fringe of events. Her observation to The Morrigan coming when it does, should make things interesting between her and Baphomet.

As before, series co-creator Jamie McKelvie provides a one-page addendum to the issue, this time showing three fans who’ve tried record The Morrigan’s show in the underground station. They don’t seem to have realised they’ve caught one of their own fates on film, if only for a split second. Pretty dark, and made me think of some of the better Asian Horror films of the past few years.

Next month brings The Wicked + The Divine‘s Commercial Suicide arc to a close and spotlights Sakhmet, with art by Prophet‘s Brandon Graham.

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