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Wolverine #10 – Comic Review

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Another issue of Wolverine? So soon? Has this comic gone weekly? It seems like only a week ago that I was gushing about how much I’m enjoying this current run of Logan’s antics.

As the story enters its final arc, with a tale aptly named The Last Wolverine Story, the many strands of Paul Cornell’s two year run begin to merge together. Logan returns to the Jean Gray School for Higher Learning because he needs a little help from Henry but not everyone is pleased to see him. Both Henry and Ororo display their displeasure with muted hostility but underneath they are glad to have their friend back among their ranks, even if it is for a short time.  The Wolverine has reached a turning point in his new life which involves tracking down Sabretooth and rescuing the woman who he has let down the most in recent months.

wolverine 10 insert

With the aid of the Guernica Crew and a certain God of Thunder, Logan reasserts himself back on to the side of the Heroes and assembles a large force to take the fight to Sabretooth, unfortunately the Neanderthal gangster has plans all of his own: Evil, world altering plans. Will all this monkey business with The Hand keep our heroes distracted long enough for Sabretooth to put his grand scheme into action?

A new artist, Pete Woods, is on board for this final leg of Wolverines race into certain death (or is it so certain? This is Marvel after all). The art isn’t too different from previous issues, perhaps a bit bolder and clean cut than what has been on display recently. This is fine for this issue however, as it brings together all of the main players from the story and the strong character definition helps to identify everyone. The one action sequence does have promise and the rendition of Thor is what you would expect; big, bold and a little bit shouty.

This issue is very much a ground laying issue. Paul Cornell has been able to reconnect the reader to all of the characters he has introduced in the series with a very simple narrative framework. This is the kind of structuring that Cornell is good at: he can expertly weave a lot of outstanding narrative threads together without it feeling forced or overwhelming. With only two issues left, Cornell has set everything up for a massive showdown which may, or may not, lead to the death of the central character. After reading this there is no way you’re going to miss the next issue.

Wolverine #10 cover

Title: Wolverine

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Pete Wood



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