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Wolverine #12 – Comic Review

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So, what do you want most out of your Wolverine comic?

“A Pony, A magic pony. A magic pony who sings.”

Okay, Annie may have been answering a different question but where she didn’t get what she wanted, it’s possible that you might get what you want.  The final part of Paul Cornell’s run on Wolverine features everything we’ve come to expect from this comic and then some, although there is one disappointment but we’ll come to that later.

Everything over the last two years has been building towards this issue; towards the confrontation between Logan and Creed and the confrontation between Wolverine and Sabretooth (and there is a difference as this story highlights). A force field surrounds a mall full of innocent shoppers, Sabretooth, a few ninjas and Wolverine. This harks back to an incident earlier in the run where our hero failed to protect the shoppers and he failed not only them but himself, a situation he desperately wants to avoid again. But this dilemma is quickly forgotten when Logan leaps in to protect Annie from Creeds threatening advances.

wolverine 12 insert.1

While outside the force field a struggle rages between S.H.I.E.L.D and an army of evil duplicates from an alternate reality, inside the mall, Wolverine has a struggle with the good and evil within himself. This is illustrated by the confrontation with Sabretooth, first by verbal back and forth and then by a raw, stripped down hand to hand combat. The power and anger of Logan comes flooding out as he slowly looses himself in the fight but in the end, it’s the innocent Annie that makes him realise who he really is and why he continues to fight, day after painful day.

The end of the story is very touching and the final scene between Logan and Kitty Pryde has been a long time coming. The dynamic between these two characters has always been interesting, almost like a beauty and the beast relationship, without the ‘relationship’ part, and Paul Cornell handles their interaction wonderfully showing that Kitty is the strongest out of the two, mentally and emotionally.

This extra sixed final issue also has two additional stories. The first is set in an alternative future where Logan said ‘yes’ to the Virus that stole his healing factor, thus changing the world. The writing and design of this story is very jarring next to the main story but this is the point because the world it depicts is a harsh, violent world lacking in hope and humanity. It’s a mini What If..? story that quickly shows you how the main narrative could have played out but despite its fascinating story I’m not sure why it has been included here.

The second back up story tells the history of the Guernica bar where Logan and his friends like to hang out. There is a host of guest stars and the original Director Fury plays an important part in shaping the tone of the bar which in turn is a reflection of Paul Cornell’s entire run on Wolverine.

wolverine 12 insert 2.2

Overall The Last Wolverine Story is a brilliant read that delivers everything you’d expect if you’ve been reading this series. Pete Woods’ artwork is bursting with energy and yet it’s the sedated, personal scenes which really stand out. Paul Cornell’s script is a pleasure to read and he turns a violent fist fight into a psychological dissection of the title character.

The only disappointing thing about this comic is that for the last three months it has been cowering under the ‘Months to Die’ banner. Combine this with the wonderful ‘counting down’ designed covers by Steve McNiven and Laura Martin and some may have been led to believe that Wolverine was going to die within these pages but – spoiler alert – he doesn’t. And that is a shame, because in Paul Cornell’s hands, the actual last Wolverine story would have been something amazing to read.

This is a fitting end to this series and if you’ve missed it, hopefully it will be out in a collected form soon because it’s definitely worth your time.

Wolverine #12 cover

Title: Wolverine

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artists: Pete Woods/Salvador Larroca



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