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Wolverine #7 – Comic Review

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Logan has turned his back on the X-Men, gone undercover as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and travelled to Madripoor to work secretly with MI-13. Last issue had some clever misdirection which put our hero in a position to call in MI-13 to take Sabretooth down, but surely no-body believed that he was going to let that happen. There is a confrontation coming and it’s been coming for a long time.

But does it come? That’s the story in this issue, Wolverine hesitates, something that isn’t usual for him but then again, nothing has been that usual for him recently, and then the moment’s gone and a different confrontation happens. Paul Cornell has weaved a clever tale of intrigue and misdirection so far on his run on Wolverine. Some of the major story ideas may not be entirely new ground, Logan has lost his powers before and the relentless hunt for Sabretooth is something even none comic book readers will probably know a bit about but it’s the way in which these stories have been told that is different. Cornell has honed his ability in crafting mysteries that slowly unfurl, yes there is plenty of action to keep casual readers interested but it’s the linking elements, the discussions with other X-Men or MI-13 agents, which move the story and Logan’s character forward.  The lies that Logan has been wrapping himself in over the last few months are starting to come undone, he is slowly being found out and this leads to some dire consequences.

wolerine 7 2

The illustration work is bold and chunky. Gerardo Sandoval knows how to draw pained and desperate facial expressions but there are also more subtle moments such as a moment of confusion and betrayal on Pinch’s face. His art, with its thick, heavy line work, suits the story and the characters. There is a solid feel to it, a sense of strength and the grotesque. Previous story arcs have been drawn by different artists but Sandoval suits this darker story better. As Logan loses more of his life and more of his control, the harsher his environment becomes and the exaggerated art style of Sandoval illustrates this much better. It is reminiscent of the 2003 Humberto Ramos rendition where Wolverine strikes out against the Stamford disaster and risks it all to bring down Nitro.

I admit I am not a big Wolverine fan and find that the character suffers from overuse (does he need to be the central character in every X-Men movie?) but I am enjoying Paul Cornell’s current  treatment of the mutant. Desperation and loss fuels him through this story and it makes a change to see a character pushed to his boundaries and then pushed a little bit more. Plus, with the 3 Months to Die story line coming up in June, it’s not looking rosy for Logan.


wolverine 7 cover 3

Title: Wolverine

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist:  Gerardo Sandoval



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