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Wolverine #8 – Comic Review

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It seems like only yesterday that I was reading the last issue of Wolverine and, with Logan only having ‘3 Months To Die’,  here’s hoping his time doesn’t go as fast.

This issue sees Logan trying to come to terms with his disastrous first undercover mission which ended badly for most people involved. In recent issues he broke all the rules; he allowed the target to escape, got emotionally involved with one of the ‘enemy’ and basically made a mess of things. So, he is taking time to try and find himself, to understand what is happening in his own head and he calls on the aid of this month’s guest stars Iron Fist and Shang-Chi. While Logan trains on the remote island of Itsukushima, further treachery is afoot back in Sabretooth’s lair.

The two comparison stories work off each other very well: the heroes work together to assist one of their own while the villains backstab away to push forward their own agendas. Strange things happen in this first part of the Three Months To Die story arc, strange as in curious and strange as in just out there. wolverine insert 2.1

The art work feels more muted this month, after the exciting, energetic work by Gerardo Sandoval in the last few issues but that’s not a bad thing. Logan is taking time out to contemplate his situation, he is having a moment of calm and the smoother compositions reflect this much better. There is some action and the sense of speed in these panels is depicted very well using blurred colouring and harsh motion lines.

As always Paul Cornell’s writing is exciting and character driven. He has an attention to detail that makes his stories that much more rewarding. You have to pay attention to what’s happening and always have previous story lines in the back of your mind because you can’t be sure what is going to be relevant. There is a sense (not only from the title) that the story is heading towards a final conclusion and the characters/situations that Paul Cornell has introduced in his run are going to find some kind of resolution. Apparently the Wolverine is going to die (maybe) but what will happen to the bit parts, the extra’s? Will they also suffer similar fates?

This story arc marks the end of Paul Cornell’s run on Wolverine (or so I have been led to believe) which is a shame because he has made the character interesting again. He has elevated him from the angry mutant he has become in recent years into a character with much more depth and fear and a longing for life.  If you had told me three years ago that Wolverine was going to die, I wouldn’t have cared a jot but now I actually find myself not wanting him to.

wolverine 8 cover Title: Wolverine Publisher: Marvel Writer: Paul Cornell Artist: Kris Anka



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