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Wolverine #9 – Comic Review

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It’s almost here, Death is coming, in fact, Death is already here in this week’s Wolverine. Logan is on a spiritual quest and having a rather awkward encounter with the skull faced anthropomorphic personification. He is forced to face his fear and contemplate the people he has killed over the years. Meanwhile Shang-Chi and Iron Fist have the impossible task of defending the Temple of Death from the invading army of ninjas, allowing Wolverine to have his epiphany.

Sabretooth on the other hand is having a great day, gloating about his success to Pinch and making her stew in her unfortunate position. Sabretooth is just plain nasty in this issue, threatening and posturing like a Lion that’s got the waterhole and even learning that his nemesis is still alive doesn’t give him pause for concern.

Wolverine #9 insert

Paul Cornell has put Logan through the ringer over the last year or so and he doesn’t let up in this issue. However, everything is starting to come together and all the plot threads from Cornell’s run are starting to converge on the doomed X-Man. The central premise of this issue, and Cornell’s run as a whole, is to dissect the central character, to see what makes him tick and to lay his soul open for all to see. This month see’s the results of that dissection and Death gets to the heart of Logan’s life problems. Paul Cornell has scripted a clever, all encompassing story that links so much of Wolverine’s past to explain exactly why he has reached this point in his life. Despite the many continuity references this issue doesn’t read like a Guide to Wolverine, everything is hinted at, giving the reader just enough information to pick up the references or to do a quick internet search afterwards. None of the continuity is directly related to the story at hand, except the information from this current volume and if you haven’t read the other issues yet, you really should do.

Kris Anka’s art work is as good as previous issues and he manages to switch between the action and conversation panels with ease: who’d have thought that Logan had so many emotions? There is a splash page near the beginning of this issue that is brilliant, it captures the humour of Death, the awkwardness of Logan and does it all with a simple, shadowy close up.

We have been led to believe that the next story arc will be the last and Wolverine’s death is at hand but, in the capable hands of Paul Cornell, the moment has been prepared for, and prepared for very proficiently indeed.

Wolverine #9 cover

Title: Wolverine

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Kris Anka



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