Cosplay Gwen Stacey, Nightwing, Riddler, Skeletor

Published on March 3rd, 2015 | by Greg Payne


Cold Can’t Stop The Cosplay: A Winter Gallery

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Canadians are a hardy breed. The fact that North America was gripped for the first two months of the year in colder-than-even-Canada-is-used-to frigid temperatures didn’t dissuade the Southern Ontario cosplay community from showing off their star quality at multiple conventions or, as the photographic evidence below proves, braving the elements to play hockey.

As photographic evidence below proves, well, let’s say it’s not everyday that you see Loki, Riddler and the Joker all playing street hockey!

Photos taken at KW Tri-Con, FrostCon, The Cosplay Cup – Hockey Edition, and Kitchener Comic Con. All photos by Greg Payne/Very Frank Pictures.

Emma Frost: Cosplay Butterfly

Sailor Zelda: Dawn of a New Era

Batman: London Batman

Pyramid Head: Jennerz Cosplay

Winifred and Mary Sanderson: Skyleaf Creations

Gambit: Corrupt Cosplay

Riddler: Enigma Cosplay

Full Course for Candy Addicts Miku: TraumaticCandy

Storm: RK9 Cosplay

Gwen Stacey: ZombieKat89

Commander Shepard:  Malinka Cosplay

Harley Quinn: Scarlett Quinn

Deathstroke: Jenn Marvel

Maria Hill: Ashe Rogue

Captain America: Capa Cosplay

Dark Elsa: Evie E

Wonder Woman: Lossien

Black Cat: Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland

Spider-Man: That Spider Guy

Sento Isuzu: Sashkins

The Joker: That Joker Guy

Jafar: Shelle-Chi

Rapunzel: Don’t Panic Cosplay

Sven: Northern Belle Rogue

Spider-Gwen: Lil Nerd Chick

Nightwing: Kryptonian Cosplay

Robin: That Spider-Kid Cosplay

Starfire: PureLight Cosplay

Power Girl: Manda Cowled Cosplay

Greg Payne

Greg Payne

An anglophile trapped out in the Commonwealth, Greg was born in Ottawa, did uni in Montreal, film school in L.A. and is now in Toronto. He idolizes Paul Weller, may actually favour Skins over Doctor Who, and studies Welsh for no easily understood reason. Recently drawn into the world of cosplay photography, you can find his page on Facebook at Very Frank Pictures.
Greg Payne
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