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Cosplayer Of The Month – Drifters Cosplay & Props

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I know, I know. This month’s COTM is a little late. We are all back on track and what better way than to get it kickstarted than with someone with awesome cosplay and prop skills?

March – Drifters Cosplay & Props


What was your first cosplay?

First cosplay would be Cross Marian from D.Gray Man. Though, I never actually fully finished it, lol. I’m going to be revisiting it for the upcoming May MCM though

What was your first convention?

The first one I attended was Alcon 2012, though I was only there for a day, and I was in charge of the map and got us lost, so we spent more time in Leicster than at the show, so I’m not sure that counts. I guess the first full convention I attended was the October 2012 London MCM in that case.

How did you get into cosplay?

An… odd mix of things. My sister works in the film industry as a costume maker, so I always had some interest in costumes. Then the thing that pushed me fully into it was actually watching Mythbusters, of all things. Adam Savage regularly attends San Diego Comic Con, and they featured a segment on his costumes.

Seeing all the various costumes really caught my interest, and I decided to give it a go, and I got hooked on it from there ^^

What is your dream cosplay? 

The answer to this question changes pretty much every time I’m asked it lol. Currently, it’s Ornstein the Dragon Slayer, from Dark Souls.

And, this is actually one I’m going to be attempting in a few years time, which… I’m terrified by, lol. I started to build the spear for him at the end of last year, and it stands at a ridiculous 9 foot 3 xD


What cosplay or prop are you most proud of?

This one has to be Caius Ballad’s sword. That thing took about 6 months to build, at a cost of about £200. That thing gets so much love at cons lol

Sadly it needs some repair work before it next comes out though.


What is your favourite martial to work with?

Extruded Styrofoam ftw. It’s the first material I tried working with nearly 3 years ago, and I’ve stuck with it since.

 What is your favourite convention and why?

Alcon. Always Alcon.

4 days of amazing randomness with friends. Always has such a good atmosphere at the con, along with guests like Parle putting on fantastic panels.

Best cosplay moments? 

The Waterloo and City Line. That was a weird day.

We did a shoot in London with TPJerematic and Rosita Cosplay based around characters in the real world, so we did some shots on the Underground. The Waterloo and City line is the one we chose, and it only travels between 2 stops back and forth. We went around it several times and we got off, the station attendant asked if we needed help xD


Worst cosplay moments? 

The time I fell over a tree. I was in cosplay as Connor from ACIII, and I was messing around with some other assassins. I was running, caught my foot on a tree root and hit the floor. Hurt both my wrists, and destroyed one of my hidden blades. Then someone took a photo. So yeah, that

What is your next big project?

Garl Vinland from Demon’s Souls. Ill hopefully be taking it to a con in Germany at the end of next year ^^


Any tips for new cosplayers?

As a prop maker, a dremel is possibly one of the best things you can buy. Makes wood work so much easier. I’ve built 6 longsword blades in the last week using one ^^

Also weapon scaling. I see a lot of people using weapons far too small/large for them. Just take the extra bit of time to research character heights, weapon lengths and so on, so you can adjust it to suit you. As a commissioner, the first question I tend to ask is ‘How tall are you?’. Having a correctly scaled weapon can make a world of difference to a cosplay.

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