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Cosplayer Of The Month – Envyious

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For the last cosplayer of the month for 2014 is the gorgeous Envyoius! who’s been cosplaying for under a year but has got some serious skills.

December – Envyious


What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Nidalee (from League of Legends), picked because she was my favourite character mainly, I’ve played her far, far too much.


What was your first convention?

My first convention was February of this year, so I’m still pretty new to this. It was LAGC (London Anime and Gaming Convention).

How did you get into cosplay?

An old school friend of mine is a cosplayer (Ms Luna Cosplay), so I occasionally saw some of her stuff come up on her feed, along with the usual stuff on Facebook. After a conversation with her about what on earth she was doing, I decided to have a go at creating a costume of my favourite character.

What is your dream cosplay?

I’d love to do a version of my Blood Elf Paladin Evie’s Challenge Mode armour from World of Warcraft. The set looks absolutely insane (so happy I got it haha) and it would look amazing paired with an old legendary weapon, Shadowmourne. The amount of detail and love that has clearly been put into each WoW set is what makes me love them so, so much.


What cosplay or prop are you most proud of?

Since I don’t have a huge collection yet, I’ll go with my second costume, Kitty Katarina. This was a massive learning curve for me, having never used any of the materials before; not having truly used a sewing machine; not having made realistic weapons. I learnt everything from scratch for this project, and I’m pretty pleased with how it ended.


What is your favourite martial to work with?

Worbla, because it smells like cookie dough, bad for when I’m hungry though and contemplate eating plastic because it smells good.


Eating my weapons does appear to be a habit though…

What is your favourite convention and why?

Probably an unfair question as I’ve only ever been to 3 conventions! If I had to pick a con, it would be MCM. It’s where I got my beloved Poro Fredrick and a Rammus hoodie.


Me and Fred after tequllia, He is a horrible influence on me and makes me do bad things…

Best cosplay moments?

It would honestly be hard to pick a best. There’s too many good things that’s happened along the way. Being asked by Riot to be Kitty Katarina at the League Of Legends Championship Series in London was pretty damn awesome though.


Worst cosplay moments?

Being fat-shamed publicly. It was my first time cosplaying. I wore my Nidalee cosplay in February so I was also freezing my buttocks off. It’s not funny telling someone in cosplay  “who fed Nidalee?” to their face. I’ve lost a little weight and toned up since February, but I think being called fat/a whale was a little uncalled for!

1656360_567505036679103_1232594406_nWhat is your next big project?

Next big project I’m working on is Ryuko Matoi in her transformed version of Senkentsu (the underboob!). I’ve recently got into anime a little, and to say I am in love with Kill la Kill is an understatement. Already started work on the blade!


Any tips for new cosplayers?

Just do it. I’m a new cosplayer myself, only just starting to get toward the one year mark. Sod what the internet says and do what makes you happy, that’s what cosplay is about at the end of the day [Yes! Completely agree! – Duke]. Be sexy, scary, change a male character to female, add sequins or remove parts of the clothing, make it light up or change the colours where you want. Pick a character you want, that you love, admire, gives you inspiration or scares the plain crap out of you. Be something you love that makes you happy. Do it because you’re doing it for you and no one else.

Do you have Facebook page, Twitter or Youtube?

I have Facebook and Twitter.

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