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Cosplaying With Kids, Not That Big Scary Monster!

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Today we would like to address to those who have kids and don’t feel comfortable or have reservations about taking them to the Cons and starting them in cosplay.

Our eldest son’s first convention was when he was 4 years old and, more recently, our baby was almost 3 weeks old when we first took him.

Yes it’s true, Expos and Conventions may be crowded and with a lot of confusion, they will get tired and there’s a risk of getting cranky, but please remember that if they are very small they will be in a pushchair, so they will be more conformable than any adult and you have the bonus of having something to put your bags on.

Some kids are older and they already walk, they will have more energy to go through the day than most adults, believe me, the chance of being close to Iron man, Princess Peach, Superman and so many others will make them so happy that they will not want to stop. They will be thrilled will all the photos and the attention, specially if they are doing cosplay themselves.


It’s not difficult to get hand of some costumes to your kids, between amazon, ebay and toys r us you have an easy pick (if they are an early baby take a look a built a bear store). Also you can make their own costumes, so go wild!

Most of you, often are concerned that with some costumes going around, this may not be the most suitable environment for young children. Yes, there’s a lot of revealing cosplay at cons. Legs showing, a lot of breast cleavage, some not so well covered bottoms… yes it’s all there. Just bear in mind that if your kids are young enough to find it traumatic, they are young enough to not understand and mind their attention to it. If they are old enough… well they will not be offended at all.

To put in perspective you don’t stop going to the beach because there is people in bikinis and swimsuits right?
My eldest son is almost 6 now and he’s starting to understand some things that were oblivious to him before, but there he doesn’t see partial naked women and chesty men, he sees the same heroes he watches on his dvd’s.


Bear in mind, each child is a child and some may need some slower adaptation, smaller conventions, less time in their first cons, it all depends if you always did your normal life with them since the beginning or if you keep them in a protective bubble, but the truth is, the sooner you get them there, the sooner you will have some incredible family fun together

We hope we didn’t ramble too much and someone can find this helpful!

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