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Cosplaying Problems

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Every cosplayer goes through chaos and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown while making their costumes and preparing for upcoming, especially in the last twentyfour hours!

But how many of us really are prepared when the date arrives? Who amongst us left something at home, or in the middle of the day had a wardrobe malfunction and needed a quick repair?!

In this list you can find something that you can manage to take discretely with you and save your day!

  1. Adhesives: Hot glue gun and glue sticks, super glue, packing tape and masking tape.
  2. Wigs & Hair:  Comb, elastic bands, bobby pins, and a spare wig cap.
  3. Cosmetics: Eye liner, lipstick, file, fingernail polish and fingernail clippers.
  4. Sewing: Fabric and paper scissors, pins & needles, white thread, black thread, seam ripper, fray check, and safety pins.
  5. Costume Repair: X-acto knife, screw driver, pliers, black sharpy, paint and brushes, and a pen.


If you are alone and already in full costume when repairs are needed, don’t stress! Find a fellow cosplayer and ask for help, most of them they will be more than happy to help you out.

Some cosplays aren’t the most comfortable, so if possible, do take with you a change of shoes that may be similar to the original ones of your costume. They come in very hand if you end up  in case extreme pain half way through the day and you have to change.

We hope this helps, especially the new members of the cosplaying community. If you are planning your first costume why not tell us about it? You can leave us a comment below or discuss this by visiting Need To Consume’s Facebook page or stop by our very our Facebook page.

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Share with your fellow Consumers!

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