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Our Favourite Goddamn Catwoman Cosplays

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Hello all, seems like you’ve stumbled on my first Need To Consume article! On one hand, I am so very sorry for the atrocious writing you’ll be reading – on the other, welcome! I’m really excited to be telling you all about my favourite Catwoman cosplays, and I hope you enjoy.

First, a little introduction… I am a cosplayer known as Tequila Kyle, and I do a lot of Catwoman cosplays. Since I first started cosplaying the character in 2011, I’ve done about 15 different portrayals and costumes – talk about overkill, right? Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a big fan of Batman, but Catwoman caught my attention later and quickly became my favourite. Not only gorgeous, she’s classy, dangerous, and cheeky as heck. These are traits I try to portray when cosplaying her myself, and I see in my favourite images by other talented cosplayers and photographers. There are so many around, but I will share with you just a few, and I implore you to check out their other works as well!

Yaya Han Her Adam Hughes Catwoman (pictured below) is what inspired me to do my first ever Catwoman cosplay. 15 (or so) catwomen later, I can only thank her for helping me when I messaged her enquiries about it all those years ago.

Bethany Maddock, who’s done so many amazing cosplays, but her Arkham City Catwoman cosplay just blows me away every time I see it! With her talented photographers she was able to produce some images that look like they could’ve been stills or posters for the game.

I have mad respect for anyone who can walk in heels, being a flat lover myself – but FairyPorchQueen takes that one step further. Her Anne Hathaway/Dark Knight Rises Catwoman cosplay is not only flawless, but she was able to recreate her amazing high kick in those impressive heels she wears.

The Venus Noire is a lovely cosplay lady I’ve recently been following, and though her other cosplays is what drew me in, her Catwoman certainly plucked at my heart strings! Elegant and poised yet sultry – what more could you want?

Lisa Lou Who – another name everyone might recognise and for good reason, her cosplays are astounding. Her Injustice: Gods Among Us Catwoman cosplay really caught my eye though. The costume is no easy feat, having looked at it myself as a possibility to do, it’s complicated in the extreme from interesting fabric choices and pattern on the suit, to the armour and claws on the hands and feet . This cosplay is incredibly impressive!

Beyond the Wasteland is not a very well known cosplay, but deserves more credit than she gets! From looking at all of her cosplays, you can tell she fully embodies the characters she’s portraying – something I feel is really important for capturing good photos and doing an all round good job at the costume. Her Catwoman is no exception to this, as well as rocking some awesome poses, in spectacular heels again!

When this hit the internet a while back, everyone lost their minds, and I certainly won’t be forgetting this adorable trio anytime soon! Mommy and Me Cosplay features a mother who certainly knows how to parent well with her kids, and though they’ve done a few over the years, this will always be my favourite! It’s a fantastic portrayal of the Michelle Pfeiffer/Batman Returns Catwoman, and the inclusion of her cute kids makes it so much better.

Last, but certainly not least, is Clairyfairy – harlequinfairy, who has done a fantastic Jim Balent Catwoman cosplay. The infamous purple suit is striking on her, and all that sass does wonders for the portrayal. I had the good fortune of being able to see this cosplay in person, and it definitely looks fantastic.


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