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Four Easy Steps To Make Emma Frost’s Diamond Skin

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Today we’re going to lay down a small and easy tutorial to make Emma Frost diamond skin effect.

Materials You will need

  • Liquid Latex
  • Foundation
  • Pros Aide Glue
  • Swarovski crystals (or similar)

Step One – The Latex

Decide what area you want to have the effect on then, in a a very open and well ventilated area, sit or lay down.  You will want to be really comfortable in this position, liquid latex takes quite a long time due to the drying process.  Also an important note,  the smell of liquid in latex is very strong and I probably wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is asthmatic.

Apply with a brush a layer of liquid latex to create a second skin. You can either apply very thin layers and wait to dry between them, or do all in one go, but bear in mind the drying process will be longer. In any case don’t make the layer too thick, even a thin one will be very resistant and a thick one will be more noticeable.
Be careful with any hair or eyebrows, as it will be very painful to remove the latex with hair stuck in it!
You can speed the drying process with a hair-dryer or a heat gun, but be very careful if your area of work is your face or any sensitive skin. (Remember to always test things like this on a small test patch area before to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients)


You can also use something with a shape of your head or body, but any difference will show in the final product and not be perfect with your skin. After the latex is dry it’s time to remove it from the skin. Be careful, if you have sensitive skin it will hurt.

Step Two – The Foundation

You now have your latex piece, use the foundation to give a more skin colour to it. Remember to blend this properly but it doesn’t need to be perfect as the crystals will cover a large section of it.



Step Three – The Crystals

Now is time for the incredible tedious part. You will need to glue every crystal in a way that the entire latex is covered, the size of the crystals is up to you, we used 2mm for our piece and it work quite well.
The Pros Aide glue give the bond between the latex and the crystals an organic feel allowing the user to breath or talk without too much rigidity.  This is a long process but it really is worth is, just remember that due to this ingenious latex piece you won’t need to wake up at 2am the morning of the con to glue crystals directly on to your skin.




Step Four – Test it out

When it’s done you can use the same glue to apply the entire piece to your face and body.  You will find that the latex is very durable and the crystals have made it very hardwearing. You can now glue some extra crystals to help blend the entire piece with your skin.


And there you go, Emma Frost’s beautiful diamond skin in a fraction of the time.  Good Luck and we would love to see photos of your finished cosplays.  Please post your Emma Frost’s below

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