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The Heroes Behind The Camera

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After every single convention and expo, there’s something every cosplayer does: go on the internet and look for some photos or videos of the event where they may be featured. We have some amazing people to thank for this – all those photographers and videographers that, at their own expense, go to 

these events with their own materials, asking nothing in return.

Not always are they credited, nor is their work always appreciated. So, today, we offer the chance for everyone to know a bit more about 



Big Guy Slim Ali (The singing man) aka BIG GUY SLIM

When did you start?

I started cosplay photography about May at the MCM Expo 2013, and then in the summer, at the LFCC etc… but I really found my footing in Febuary at the LAGC.


Why did you get into this world?

I’m doing it because it is lots of fun and I wanted to meet new and interesting like-minded people. I must say, I have met those people, and I’m having a blast!.

Any favourite cosplayers?
The Super Maians… hehehe too many favourites to mention, love all the cosplayers.


What conventions do you normally attend?

MCM, LFCC, LAGC, love to go to all.

Any special photos that you like to take?

No special photos really, but I like to capture, if possible, something unique.



Johnnie & Tod’s Den

When did you start?

Johnnie & Todd’s Den first started producing cosplay vids in May 2013. It is the brainchild of filmmaker and photographer Tolga Saygin, who first came upon the UK cosplay scene in 2012 at LSCC, during Stan Lee’s visit at that convention. J&T are virtual/cartoon hosts, and there are plans to turn them into
characters in their own right!



Why did you get into this world?

Cosplay is the perfect way to blend my interests in comics, films and photography. The videos and photos attempt to capture the essence of the characters, and tend to be staged in a way that is true to each one’s fictional world. Compositing and special effects are sometimes used to enhance the end
result in both videos and photos. The best effect is always going to be the emotion and body language conveyed by the cosplayer. So, the more relaxed and confident they appear on camera, the less postproduction work that you will see! Although, there are no hard and fast rules – it’s an instinctive 


What conventions do you normally attend?
Cons that are attended throughout the year are LSCC, MCM and LFCC.


Follow them also at – YouTube – Twitter –



Monster Photography World

When did you started?

I’ve been doing this for about a year, still trying to figure things out.

Why did you get into this world?

I started as a favour to some friends who cosplay for charity. I normally don’t like taking photos of people as there’s so many things to think about… It’s tough… But as I joined friends at the cons (Cardiff was my first) I just started taking photos of other people… many of which have now become friends…
other togs too.


Any favourite cosplayers?

There are so many, for so many different reasons, here are a few. . .Sammy Nicks – first person I actually asked to pose in a con.. and then did an awesome set of photos Richard Thompson… always have a laugh…Eva Blake for getting me into this. So many people who are part of the UK X-Men cosplay group… Although a bit of a cop out… so many people… I don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out.

And of course the Super Maians… so many reasons.

What conventions do you normally attend?


I’ve only been doing this for a short time… But I’ll be heading to London MCM and LFCC and then Bristol and Cardiff.


Any special photos you like to take?

People seem to recognise some of my work… I guess last year I was experimenting a lot, I think I was mostly working on HDR. This year, hopefully, I’ll have something a little different to offer… which should 

be ready by LFCC.


Sonesh “SonSon” Joshi

Who you are?

I’m a ninja… I hide in plain sight ready to pounce when a photo opportunity arrives… or I’m a freelance photographer just starting up, whose other job is being an engineer… admit it, the ninja thing sounds way cooler!… and any other stuff you want to add and speak about.
I just want to thank all the cosplayers who take time out of the cons and spend some time with the photographers to create some really great photos… sometimes in very difficult conditions.


My name is Sonesh “SonSon” Joshi and I have been doing photography as a hobby for nearly 5 years now. I have taken a range of photographs from landscapes, events, gigs, fashion and portraiture.

When was your first photoshoot?


I did my first cosplay photoshoot back in May 2013, which featured Batman and Catwoman cosplayed by “Kirk Wayne Playbat” and “Fairyporchqueen Cosplay,” respectively. Being a comic book geek and Batman fan, this photoshoot proved to be one of my favourites, and subsequently produced some of my
most popular work to date.

What do you think about the cosplay world?

London MCM Expo in May 2013 was the first convention I attended as a cosplay photographer. I was welcomed in, not only by the cosplayers, but also by the other photographers and videographers. This community was unlike anything I had been associated with in my life, and was probably the first time I felt like myself.

Since then I have done numerous photoshoots, both at and outside of conventions. I enjoy interacting with cosplayers and establishing camaraderie with my fellow photographers.


What do you like most about cosplay?

One of the things I truly admire about cosplay is the time and dedication people put into their costumes.
I feel honoured to take their photographs and showcase their hard work.

Is photography your only passion?

There is a wave of creativity within this community that inspires you. I am always exploring different ways to be more creative with my photography. The inspiration goes beyond photography, as I have finished and produced my very first comic book called “Kuruz”


Shinigami Photography

When did you start?

I started cosplay photography in 2012 after meeting Stan Lee at Inaugural LSCC. I was amazed by the diversity of cosplay, the love of comics and photography; I’ve never looked back. Hopefully I have improved over these past two years. I love the variety of work from my fellow togs. I’ve made loads of good friends!


How was your evolution?

My first try into cosplay photography was not brilliant, mainly as I am from a landscape background, so lenses were not suited for Con environment. Things have changed now with faster lenses and a full frame camera!


Did cosplay changed your life?

Over the two or so years, I’ve met many fabulous cosplayers and now I have an awesome bunch of friends… I have learnt so much from the other togs. We make a great gang called “Tog Lyfe,” and that in itself makes travelling to Cons that more fun as we lark around whilst taking photos! I think cosplayers and my fellow togs are my extended family, as I always relish seeing them again!



Kyle Mcvean Photography

Who you are?

I am Kyle! I am me! I am a photographer and Videographer and I run with my best friend Rory McMillen!
I run Shades On Productions with Rory, a videography operation that films conventions, and starting in June, will break into short films! We did a short documentary in MCM in October that is being prepared to be shipped to various short film festivals!

Why do you do it?

I do it mainly so I can be with new people, interesting people, people who I share similar hobbies and passions with! Taking photos of them allows me to grow close bonds with cosplayers and photographers! It’s something I adore doing, and I can’t think of better ways to spend my time!

Favourite cosplayers?

Andy Valentine – that guy is just amazing in what he can produce… when he sets his mind to it, he really creates some amazing stuff and I love following his progress! Sketch Mcdraw… another great cosplayer who, like Andy just has this gift and mindset that allows him to continually push what can be 


What cons do you normally attend

I go to a fair few cons! LAGC, LSCC, MCM, LFCC… to name just a few… more next year!

Any special photos you like to do?

I like to take personal photos of cosplayers, nice portraiture shots of their faces, getting in the little details that are usually missed. I like capturing realism! So I like to mix it up from uploading photos where the cosplayer pose for me, and where the cosplayer is just being him/herself and laughing, smiling!




Special memory?

I remember my first con going as a con tog! I was so nervous and shy about approaching cosplayers that I started by just taking candid photos of them from afar. I had booked a shoot with Bloodwolf Cosplay to do some poison ivy snaps. I was such a nervous wreck, that most, if not all of the photos I took, I ruined from just being a sweating mess and not knowing what to do! We started talking and she was really sweet. Once the flow going, the photos started coming out, and I was really loving what I was taking! I went around and started approaching more cosplayers and did a few on-the-spot photos.
Some were really happy to come with me to a more quiet location and have a shoot, which I loved! I loved that the cosplayers really respected the photographers, and the respect was lovingly returned!
When it came to meeting other togs, I was blown away by the sheer love they showed one another, and this really helped me come out of my shell right away! I had met a few togs in brief passing before, but at LAGC we all acted like we had known each other for years! It’s this kind of love that really allowed me to build some strong bonds with cosplayers and photographers. It’s what allowed me to turn a passion into a full time hobby, and allowed me to create a small independent film company with another tog – who really has become one of my greatest friends! Cons are home to me.


This article only features a small part of those amazing photographers, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to reach all of them, or for some to get back to us; maybe in the future. Please give them a like on their pages so you can follow their amazing work.

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