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Sexy Cosplay and Children friendly Cons

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Every other month there’s someone posting against sexy cosplays at conventions, either because it’s not really a cosplay and it’s not true to the character or because it’s a family friendly environment and it’s not suitable for them being dressed in a certain way around children.

As we actually take our children to these events, we felt that we can actually speak a bit more about this. Opinions everyone is entitled to have, but experience is something completely different.

As parents we don’t mind cosplayers that show a bit more skin, or dress in a way that some would consider provocative or sexy. If you take your children to the beach they will see more skin going around and much less clothes covering their bodies. It’s safe to say no one is going from the beach to the shrink to treat trauma!

It’s because people see women (or men) as a sexual object that they perceive a less dressed person to be sexier or even slutty. In the past it would have been unthinkable for a woman to show her shoulders or wear trousers, but now this is completely normal. There is no difference between a shirt or a bra, they are pieces of clothing. It’s due to centuries of religious rambling about pudor (the latin for modesty or shame for those of you not in the know!), that pushes people to dress and behave in a certain way.  This idea promotes that we should be ashamed of our bodies and that any clothing that shows a bit more skin is bad!


While this kind of mentality continues we are not protecting them (children) we are exposing them even more, because the forbidden fruit is the most desirable, by trying to cover up situations and creating a big drama around it, they are just going to want to know and see, and if not in a convention, they go to the internet or worse.

If a child is young enough that we can reason about this and explain that it is a normal thing, then the child is young enough to be shocked about a more exposed body….
If they are aware of what is going on, then you can just go on by teaching that more or less dressed is the same, just a different costume and that a person should be admired by what he/she’s doing there and not as a sexual object.


With the changes during the years on the wardrobes, especially on the female wardrobes, where they went from fully covered to it being acceptable to show-off legs, shoulders or wearing trousers, it’s normal that characters created 20 years ago are also allowed to be cosplayed in a different away. If a cosplayer can change the colour of a design to better suit their taste, is that so different from getting a dress and making it shorter?

Some will complain about the colour change, some will accept, same thing with the sexualization of some costumes, and again what is a sexy cosplay? Is Rapunzel sexier if she wears a mini skirt? Maybe for some, and not for others, it’s all an opinion from the observer, not really from the wearer.


Saying that a cosplayer shouldn’t dress this or that way (or even be allowed to go) to a convention because there are families and children around, makes the same sense as someone saying that children shouldn’t go to cons because they may encounter exposed flesh….
Everyone is free to go and have fun, if you see something you don’t like, expos and cons are big enough to just have fun away from that.

This was our 2 cents about this, we hope it brought some light to this situation from someone that takes kids to conventions and interacts with the so called sexy cosplayers. You can express your opinion, but any childish behaviour will only have one warning and this was it 🙂

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