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Star Wars Day: Come To The Dark Side…We Have Cosplay

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HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! The Star Wars universe has always been a huge part of any convention’s contingent of cosplay, and with the release this Christmas of The Force Awakens, you can expect the next few seasons of fan events to see a huge uptick in swinging lightsabers, Twi’lek headpieces and patrolling bounty hunters. A selection then, of some fantastic costuming from Canada and the U.K. over the past few years. The Force is strong with these con-goers…

Featuring (among others): UndeadDu, Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay, Babs Cosplay, DaleSabers & Replicas, Ms. Kelly Mari, Matt’s Maniacal Mind of Cosplay, Project PicklesAlex Rose Cosplay, Scarlett Quinn Cosplay, Kimette Cosplay, Critical Miss & Retro Joad. – If you spot yourself and you aren’t credited, PLEASE let us know in the comments. We will update the post accordingly!

Greg Payne

Greg Payne

An anglophile trapped out in the Commonwealth, Greg was born in Ottawa, did uni in Montreal, film school in L.A. and is now in Toronto. He idolizes Paul Weller, may actually favour Skins over Doctor Who, and studies Welsh for no easily understood reason. Recently drawn into the world of cosplay photography, you can find his page on Facebook at Very Frank Pictures.
Greg Payne
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  • Thea Nikolic

    I am the final Asajj Ventress, my page is Critical Miss and Retro Joad Cosplay and Cabaret on FB 😀 great pic

    • Thanks, Thea! Updating the article now to include a link to your page!

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