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Seven Steps To Survive A Convention

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First of all, we’re sorry for the silence in the last couple of weeks, with LFCC and Dragon Con happening, the days weren’t long enough to prepare everything.

Today we wanted to write specially for all the new comers to this wonderful world, those of you who are now starting to attend conventions and in hearing the horror stories are worried if you will survive (and if you are an experienced con-goer you may still find them useful)  Comic and film conventions are growing at a fast pace and due to this they are getting very crowded, uncomfortable and hot.

1.  If possible a couple days before try and get some extra rest, you will need it!

2. Avoid queuing. How?? You may ask! Well unless is really necessary to buy them in person you should go online and buy your tickets, you will only regret it if you try and buy them on the day. Also try to get there as early as you can.

Queues at Cons

3.  If you like to buy toys, dvd’s, comics or any other stuff at cons, be smart and take money with you, most stands are not equipped to take cards and usually cash machine dispensers are accompanied by 30 minutes waiting.


4. It’s going to be hot inside and it’s going to be a long day. So remember to eat and drink, you’re not going to have any fun if you get dehydrated or have a blood sugar drop. Just be careful at these events as vendors will try to bankrupt you with extremely high prices (£4.70 for two small bottles of water!)

So try and take some beverages and snacks with you. You can even see if there is any kind of cloakroom for you to drop them there until you need them.

5. Beware the days you choose to go, Saturdays are starting to be more and more chaotic, thousands of people above the capacity of the venue, where organisations of different events seem to be unable to control or adapt. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to cope with a ocean of individuals make your exit outside and get some fresh air, or alternatively find a door and descend to a car park where fresh air and space is assured.



6. If you’re not cosplaying remember, bring some comfortable clothing and shoes! If you are cosplaying remember there is no shame in changing out of your cosplay before the end of the day if the heat is getting too much for you

7.Try to plan your days, but leave room for adaptation, you will never be able to see everything you intended and you’ll find some other stuff you had no idea was even there.  Remember there’s always next time, and a bad experience doesn’t mean it will be always like that.

Hope this helps you with your next convention experience! Enjoy your next con!

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