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The True Face Of The Cosplayer

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We all see cosplayers going around during cons and expos, they are heroes and villains, robots and zombies, gaming and film characters.
The thing that is common to all of them is that behind all the characters there’s a real person with a normal life, they face real problems, they have the same dreams as many others, they may have families, studies and jobs. We cosplayers are normal people just like anyone else, but with a particular hobby.

Today I want that you get to know some of the persons that helped us navigate throughout the cosplaying world, I had the chance to know a bit more about them and so should you, they are not only amazing cosplayers, but they are also amazing people.
There are many more people that could have been featured here, but that may would have turn in a never ending article, so I made this selection for now, in the future I can get back to this topic and present some others.

Hope this piece will help everyone to see cosplayers as humans, with feelings and dreams, that deserve to be respected, instead of objectified sex objects or weird nerds.


Kerraldine Holland

1 – Who is Kerraldine?

Kerry aka Kerraldine is a contemporary dance student at Trinity Laban in London. I’m a girl who is so far out of the box that you need a aeroplane to get me back in. I also have a court order to stay at least at 6 km distance away from Daniel Radcliffe.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

Because I’m a geek who wants to escape into the worlds I love and obsess over. I always wanted to be Buffy, Robin, a Doctor’s companion, so why not actually do it? It also gave me friends I would never would have met otherwise. Cosplay gave me a sense of belonging somewhere which I never had in all my life

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

Studying contemporary dance at uni, which is pretty full on, my days can range from 7-12 hours of training depending on when we have performances or extra work to do. So that pretty takes up most of my time. Besides that I spend my weekends at work and the gym and fit in my geek stuff around that such as retro games, comics, books and sewing.


4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

God I don’t know, what I have learnt in the past 10 years you can never predict where life will carry you, even if you have clear goals and dreams.

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

Best? The people, my friends, I really have so much I owe them, they have helped me through so much that I’ll never be able to give the same back. The worst? The internet abuse and objectification of my body just because I am a woman. I get so angry when anything about me and my body is taken out of my control.


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

I want to dance freely, be happy with myself and find some self love. I don’t need anything else.

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Yes, it’s made me feel a bit less alone and live life a little more. I spent most of my life like a typical nerd, alone in my room with no confidence, missing out on so much, cosplay helped me come out and see what there really is out there and meet some inspiring people.


8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

When people from my real life see my cosplay photos they are surprised at who they see. I struggle with self-confidence, I’m quiet and can be quiet focused when it comes to my work. In cosplay I forget who I am and something else comes out, a part of me that real life says is not appropriate for my age. Cosplay world seems to think I’m carefree, happy go lucky and confident which is not me at all but everything I want to be however sadly it leads to miscommunication and has lead to some bad endings and me a little bruised mentally.

Go take a look at her cosplay page:

Terry May

1 – Who is Terry?

I’m Terry May, 26 years old and I’m an IT Systems Engineer from London.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

I got into cosplaying along with my good friend, Rob Tyler, back in 2012. I was born on Halloween so I guess dressing up as different characters is almost in my blood! Initially we were coming up with ideas for costumes for my then upcoming 25th birthday, for which I was having a big fancy dress party. We settled on the idea of Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and started getting everything together.

We’ve always been going to conventions for years and during the costume building process we thought it would be a great idea to wear the costumes to an upcoming convention (EMS). We didn’t really know anyone who cosplayed at this point but we’d always admired those that did, so it was an intimidating but exciting prospect.

We were of course incredibly glad that we took that first step into cosplaying. The costumes were a great success and we met a lot of great people. We got really invested in the ‘culture’ of cosplay and all the various communities of people discussing cosplay techniques, their favourite characters and cosplayers and generally all the things that we already enjoyed ourselves.

Cosplay for us, and I suspect a great many others, is a way of expression. It’s not just a hobby, it’s more than that. It allows us to really show our love of comics, movies, games and all manner of ‘geek’ culture. Most of all, it’s a way to connect with people like us, who think like us and enjoy what we enjoy and we’ve met some amazing, incredibly talented people during our relatively short time cosplaying so far.

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

Outside of cosplay, I work as an IT Systems Engineer for a recruitment consultancy company. I suppose it’s the type of job that goes hand-in-hand with ‘geekiness’!

In terms of hobbies, I like all your ‘standard geeky’ things like reading comics and playing games. I’m an avid film-goer, I go to the cinema with my girlfriend often and like to keep up with what’s going on in the movie industry. I’ve always loved fiction and I’m always looking for great stories to get invested in across all mediums, be that films, games, books or otherwise. I also like to write my own stories in my spare time. I’ve also always been quite a musical person and I love to sing and play any instrument I can get my hands on, the more unique the better!

I do charity work when I can and donate more often than that. Last year I did a skydive for The Children’s Trust, a charity based in Tadworth, Surrey that helps care for disabled children. It’s a charity close to my heart as my brother is disabled and often goes to The Children’s Trust for respite. This year I hope to do more for them still, to give something back for all the hard work they put in.


4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to have a family of my own. I can’t say yet where I’ll be professionally but my primary goal has always been to build a happy family so as long as I can do that I will be happy.

I still intend to be cosplaying well into my 70s so I’ll definitely still be doing it in 10 years time! If I have children by then as I hope to then they’ll be getting involved too, I’ll make it a family affair!

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

The best thing about cosplay for me is the people. There are some fantastic people out there who do incredible work (sometimes better than the paid professionals in Hollywood, in my opinion!). I’ve yet to meet anyone in the cosplay community that I don’t like.

At the same time there are issues, usually from people who aren’t getting too involved in actual cosplay themselves. There are people out there who see cosplay as an ‘invitation’. This is far more prevalent for female cosplayers but there are insensitive, deplorable people out there who think that just because someone dresses a certain way, that gives them the right to touch them inappropriately or make vulgar comments.

There have been a number of times when I myself have had people groping me or saying inappropriate things and it’s very uncomfortable when it happens. There’s nothing wrong with admiring cosplayers or saying a cosplayer is ‘sexy’ or something similar, but people should learn to show a little more respect.

Though I feel like this type of person is still in the minority so it doesn’t and shouldn’t ruin the experience of cosplaying and people shouldn’t let it deter them.


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

As I said before my main goal is and always has been to raise a happy family, first and foremost. Aside from that I’d really like to write fiction professionally. It’s always been a passion and hopefully it’s something that I can work on and get something out of in the future.

I’d also really like to do more to mix cosplaying with charity work, which is something I am working on at the moment.

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Cosplay has helped me immensely. For as long as I can remember I’ve had huge self-confidence issues. I’d always felt like the ‘real me’ wasn’t the version of me that society wanted to see. So I built up a character, a persona. I wore a ‘mask’. I acted how I thought people wanted me to act. I kept it up for so long that I nearly lost a lot of what made me who I am.

And then I discovered cosplaying. The first time I put on my Scorpion costume and went to a convention, it was like a rebirth. But it wasn’t easy. Despite the fact that I was completely covered up, my ‘identity’ not visible to anyone, I felt more exposed than ever before. I was showing the real me, my metaphorical mask removed and replaced with a badass real one! I was terrified but at the same time liberated in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The juxtaposition of emotions was a very strange sensation.

But it was only the first step on a road of self-re-discovery and acceptance. I grew more confident in myself rapidly and was relieved to find that there are many others out there who’ve had similar experiences. So to anyone out there reading this and relating to it, just remember; you are not alone.

8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I’m happy with how a lot of people see cosplay and actually pleasantly surprised that most people are impressed by what they see. I’ve had people mock it in the past but they’re usually in the minority.

That said, there does still seem to be a bit of a ‘stigma’ with cosplay that will unfortunately probably be around for quite some time yet. However, cosplay seems to be becoming more ‘accepted’ and mainstream. Things can only go up from here and I’m glad more and more people are getting involved and enjoying themselves.


9 – Anything that you like to add and say?

For anyone out there who is thinking about getting into cosplay, I say do it. Get involved, have some fun. Don’t think too much about your first costume and don’t spend too much time on it. Don’t worry about making things 100% accurate, improvise. Explore, be creative, be imaginative and most of all be unique to yourself.

The point of cosplay is to express yourself through the things you enjoy. So build your cosplay around that. Go for things you like and understand but don’t limit yourself either. There are thousands of ideas out there and an infinite number of ideas that haven’t even been thought of yet. Don’t worry too much about being ‘clever’ or ‘funny’, or to be more precise don’t try to force things like that. Just enjoy yourself, relax and get immersed in the experience. You won’t regret it!

And to the people out there who already cosplay, you’re all awesome! Nuff said! 😉

Go take a look at his cosplay pages:


Stacey Palmer

1 – Who is Stacey?

I am a UK model and cosplayer based in London, which is the centre of my universe! When I’m not cosplaying, I’m busy being a fangirl and studying mathematics and statistics.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

For me, cosplay is about the craft. I just really love creating something out of nothing, I enjoy learning new things and I relish the problem solving that cosplay brings. There are so many different materials and techniques to be mastered so there’s always something new to have a go at – that’s what I love about it!


3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

I recently quit my boring desk job to finish my degree and spend more time cosplaying and modelling. I’ve also been able to take on some commissions too, which is very exciting! I am a huge fan of Batman and my Xbox, so most of my spare time is divided between the two

4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully playing with numbers for a living, with a big house and two very nerdy children running around!

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

The best thing for me has been the social side of things. I’ve always been a very reserved and quiet person, and attending conventions was my worst nightmare. But the cosplay community was so welcoming and supportive, and I have made so many lifelong friends through cosplay and conventions – I never thought I’d ever feel so accepted and comfortable in my own skin!


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

To make bigger and better things, to develop my skills and to hopefully travel the world and meet new people… That’s something I never thought I’d say!

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

It definitely helped me to come out of my shell a little bit, and it’s been invaluable having a creative outlet to express myself. I’ve always been quite creative and cosplay is a hobby that allows me to do all kinds of things – whatever takes my fancy at the time!


8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I am definitely more outgoing and upbeat online and at conventions than I am in everyday life, but I try to be open and honest about who I am behind closed doors. Having a costume to hide behind usually helps. I think the wider community still think of cosplay as a weird thing, and there are still a lot of people that see it as something sexual – but I think with ‘nerd culture’ being more and more accepted into popular culture, we are getting closer to a world where cosplay is just another hobby.

Go take a look at her cosplay page: as @staceyofgotham

Craig Evans

1 – Who is Craig?

Well let me introduce myself, my name is Craig Evans. I’m 25 years old. I been cosplaying for two years now. The more I do it the more I love it. I prefer bigger types of cosplays as I’m a plus size cosplayer. I feel no matter what size or race you are. It shouldn’t affect the way others look at you. I’m an massive fan of Marvel & Dc comics but also like Manga & Anime. I see my self as a friendly person who gets one with everyone.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

I like to cosplay because it’s makes me feel happier about myself. I feel like I can be the real me. I like to show off my work I have been working on. Nothing beats when another cosplayer praises you for your hard work you have been doing.

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

I work for HMV for full time work. Worked there for 6 years. When I am not working I like to hang out with friends, read comics, play the odd game but truly do love making cosplays.


4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years time I see myself married with kids hopefully, i still be cosplaying but would like to open some kind of cosplay business building props of some kind.

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worsts?

The best thing about cosplay is how friendly people are in the community. You can go to an convention not knowing anyone, but by the end of the day/weekend you make so many new friends. The worst thing about cosplay is how people can be cruel to each other because “peoples cosplays” are not as good as others. In my eyes cosplay is for fun, not to judge others. I love cosplay but some people need to remember we are all in it for fun!.


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

My dream is to go to America to attend New York comic con. Ever since I seen the videos & pictures of it, I have always wanted to go there and experience it for myself. My goal one day is to make my dream cosplay which is The Guyver.

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Cosplay has helped me with a lot of things in my life. It has helped me with my confidence. I feel like I can express myself more now as I was shy. I find it more easier to make friends with people now. Also now I feel like I can do more creative stuff now.


8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I think it’s a good thing the general public are seeing more of the cosplay in the media. I think some people will think its weird but a lot of people will be think its interesting.

Go take a look at his cosplay page:\busterboycosplay


Skye Ryan

1 – Who is Skye?

Hah how do I answer this question. Umm a 25 year old London girl born and bred. I love animals, movies, long walks where you get lost. Lol sounds like a dating profile.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

I have always loved dressing up and when I discovered cosplay it was like a jigsaw piece falling into place. The cosplay community is amazing everyone is so lovely and welcoming and I have made so fantastic friends. I am also a very creative person so being able to express myself with the costumes I create. Just a few reasons there are so many.

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

Professionally I am an assistant manager of a shop so pretty standard retail job. Hobbies apart from cosplay… I enjoy karaoke. My 2 best friends and I go pretty much every Sunday it’s lots of fun. I also enjoy drawing and writing and am trying to work on a graphic novel but it takes a back seat in cosplay season.


4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

God I hate this question. I really do not know. Probably still living the city life but as long as My family, friends and I happy and healthy I couldn’t ask for anything more.

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

Best thing is the friends I have made as I said before the community is such a lovely bunch and I have made some really good friends. It also is one of the most fun hobbies to have and having a creative outlet like this is perfect. The worst… The stressful nights coming up to cons staying up really late finishing my costumes. Sometimes you meet some not so pleasant people at conventions and there are trolls trying to bring you down but I don’t let that kind of stuff get to me.

6 – What are you dreams and goals?

I would love to one day make a career from my creativity maybe making costumes or props for a theatre company or open a little business with my best friend and cosplay buddy taisie’s cosplay.


7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

It has helped me immensely with my confidence issues. I used to be so shy but I have gained so much confidence since I started cosplaying. It also helped me learn so many new skills I didn’t even know about let alone how to do them.

8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I think cosplay is becoming more and more accepted a few years ago I got such weird looks when traveling in my costumes but it now lots of people don’t even bat an eyelid. Lots of cosplay has been in the media lately, newspapers, tv etc so I think people are realising it’s less weird than they first anticipated. I don’t really find it difficult to separate my cosplay self and my regular self. I’m one person cosplay is a hobby I am still myself in costume, I may act like the character for photos and videos but I don’t let it take over who I am. It’s just an extension of my own persona


9 – Anything that you like to add and say.

Thank you for the interview always a pleasure.

Go take a look at her cosplay page:

Oliver Whiting-Simpson

1 – Who is Oliver?

I am 24 year old Computer Games technolgy student from hertfordshire. I have one more year of my course and im still exploring other methods to making money as career.

2 – Why and who do you cosplay?

Arrow (CW Series), Iron Patroit, Spiderman 2099 (Spiderman Shatterd Dimenshions). I like being the character and playing the role.

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

3D modelling as a student.


4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working hard in education, but nothing for sure, everything is still open.

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

Pro’s: Playing the characters you love, seeing friends building the costumes, looking back at group cosplay events, watching videos of the event. Con’s: Expensive and discrimination.


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

I have many dreams and goals, however I haven’t yet succeeded, but I’m still working towards a few. One is passing my driving licence and finishing uni.

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Yes many. Builds confidence, patience, desire, gained connections, made many friends, something to look foward to, more knowledge.


8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I’ve had nothing but respect back from those who I know, some and I don’t know so well, others see it as a Art.

Go take a look at his cosplay page:


Linda Bryson-Carter

1 Who is Linda?

I’m just a regular person who enjoys my hobbies i.e. cosplay and etc.

2 Why do you Cosplay?

I cosplay because it’s a great creative outlet and its brilliant fun to bring a character I love to life while having a great time with friends it’s a good challenge for me also.


3 What do you do outside the cosplay world?

Well I worked with young people in care until recently now I’m a mommy to be.

4Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully doing something I enjoy work wise and showing my little one the fun in family days out at conventions

5 What’s the best and worst things in cosplay?

The best things in cosplay is being proud of your costume meeting likeminded people enjoying the cons with good friends and generally having a good time doing what I love – the worst things in cosplay are the people that feel they need to voice their negative opinions on others costumes especially online as most of those people don’t have the guts to say something hurtful to the costumers face and most of the mean comments are just from jealous people or people with too much time on their hands XD


6 What are your dreams and goals?

I’d love to work with young people again someday or be a sort of support worker.

7 Did cosplay help you in any way?

Cosplay gave me an outlet in hard times it was certainly a break from everyday stresses for me when I first started.

8 What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world?

I think it’s a bit split either people have no idea about it or love the face people are enjoying it or think we are a bit odd hhahahahaha


9 How do you separate the real you from the persona your cosplaying?

I never get too in character hahahaha I only play the part for videos and photos apart from that I’m there to enjoy the day with friends I don’t go all over the top and be in character the whole day.

Go take a look at her cosplay page:


Mark Lloyd

1 – Who is Mark?

I’m Mark I’m thirty-something years old and I’m from Surrey.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay because it’s a great hobby to help meet new people and learn new skills. I’ve learned so much from building props over the last few years.


3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

I work for a document archiving company essentially converting hard copy documents to digital files and providing a storage/retrieval solution. Apart from cosplay my interests include martial arts (I gained a 1st Dan in Karate) Music, I play guitar and have played in several bands in the past and I also enjoy movies, comics and video games.

 4 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

The best things about cosplay are getting to meet new people – from all walks of life. Anyone can cosplay. Even if you think your costuming skills are lacking, over time you learn and improve. I myself whilst have not made any costumes completely from scratch, I have modified costumes, learned how to sew and made most of my props. The worst thing about cosplay is from what I’ve seen posted on social networks. There seems to be a lot of competition and jealousy out there which is a shame as this is supposed to be a fun hobby.


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

My dreams and goals are just to be happy and spend my time with people I love. I’ve never been very ambitious!!

 7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Cosplay has helped me a lot these past few years especially the friends I’ve made. I went through a tough time a few years back and it has really helped to take my mind off of the negative things.


 8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

I think to the rest of the world, the cosplay community are seen as kind of strange and geeky/nerdy. However with the comic book movies and the increasing mainstream exposure of cosplay, it seems to be getting accepted and embraced by those outside of the cosplay world. My friends who do not cosplay are always telling me how they enjoy seeing my cosplay photos.

I find it easy to separate the real me from any persona I portray when cosplaying as it’s just simply pretending, having fun and acting.

Go take a look at his cosplay page:


Lise Olesen

1 – Who is Lise?

Well, I’m a Danish girl making my living in the outskirts of London at the moment, though I’d love to move closer to central. I’m open minded and outgoing, but also really like having my own space and quiet. I’m independent and prefer to figure out things myself, and with that I’m also very stubborn.  I live with my best friend Penille who’s also Danish, and she is the craziest and most loving friend I could ever ask for, and I love her loads.

2 – Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay because… well, because I like acting different characters and dressing up, really. I have never been great at sewing, but I learn something new every time by trial and error, and so my skills slowly grows. I am not one for pushing myself, and I am incredibly lazy, so I often don’t get a lot done, haha! And I then stress around a week before the convention; trying to get everything ready. In that sense I am very unorganised. Apart from if you are asking me to organise anything but my own life! Then I’m your girl for the job.  I’m also a bit of a poser, so I love making different compositions for pictures. And pulling faces. I think anyone who knows me will agree to that.


Photographer: Becca Moriarty – League of Extraordinary Cosplayers

3 – What do you do outside the cosplay world, professionally and hobbies?

I work full time as Senior Receptionist at a Physiotherapy Clinic (yes, ‘Senior’, I worked hard for that title so I’m damn well gonna use it even though it doesn’t really make much of a difference at my work, hah!). As for hobbies I love dancing and gymnastics, but it’s very limited how much of that I actually get done these days (let me refer you back to the first paragraph and the fact that I’m lazy) so I mostly just spend a lot of time on youtube and the internet.. yes, I am that sad person. Oh, and I read comics as well, mostly Batman but recently also more Thor and in general Marvel.  I also enjoy long walks in the park and staring at the moon at night….

4 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oh, good lord, what a question! I have no idea, I don’t like to plan anything that far. Do I have dreams? Naturally! But even saying them out loud scares and stresses me to accomplish them, haha! Here’s my answer; in 10 years? I see myself happy, content, and hopefully still learning and exploring everything in life. 🙂

5 – For you, what are the best things in cosplay? How about the worst?

Let’s start with the worst, because it’ so grim to end on a sour note.. Worst: When people get confused and forget that we are all here because of a love for …. whatever it might be! Comics; anime; costuming; acting; makeup; socialising; games! And not about bringing other people down because they are uncertain of themselves…
BEST things! – Being with friends! Creating something you imagined, completing an outfit and the joy and pride of wearing it, it’s all an amazing experience! As well the downfall of it all falling apart, hahaha, it’s all a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but it’s amazing. Sharing your joy of something with another person, with several people, with a whole hall of people!! How is that not the best thing!?


6 – What are you dreams and goals?

Woops! I think I might have already kind of answered this above, haha. To be happy and feel content and accomplished 🙂 I hope to one day go there…

(oh, and to make a Guild Wars 2 Cosplay, that’s pretty high up there too! 😉 )

7 – Did cosplay help you in any way?

Yeah, helped me spend all my freakin money! aha! *badum tsch* >_>
No, but actually I wouldn’t say that cosplay has helped me as such. Apart from getting friends!! Cosplay and conventions has been reeeaally good at introducing me to some really amazing people and for that I am very very grateful. 🙂

8 – What do you think about how the cosplay community is seen by the rest of the world, and how do you separate your real you from the persona you create every time you cosplay?

Hmm.. Big questions now, I see how it is! I think there will always be a certain stigmatism about cosplayers and nerds, and in general, I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with reporters – or who-ever it might be – trying to bad-mouth cosplayers and our hobbies, of course not, but as it is with so many other great and different things in life there will always be some people who will make it their life’s work to pull it apart and try to ruin it. We’re complex creatures, humans, and it seems that for every person supporting and understanding us, there will be another scrutinising and shaking their head. But I what is important is this: It doesn’t matter what that other person thinks. 🙂 It doesn’t matter what they walk around thinking in their head is true about cosplaying and cosplayers, when we know in our hearts and actions how amazing and fantastic it is to us!! So waste your time on them, don’t even waste a single tear or comment or even thought on those people – just do what makes you happy, and what makes you feel complete. 🙂


Photographer: Becca Moriarty – League of Extraordinary Cosplayers

9 – Anything that you’d like to add and say.

Just; thank you for reading and sorry if my ramblings are a bit deep and serious sometimes, as well as can seem a bit strange, haha! :p I hope you liked reading into my thoughts for a few minutes and that I didn’t bore you too much. 😉 Have a fantastic day! x

Check her youtube channel for more:

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