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Avengers Fans Assemble To Get New Trailer Released Early

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Further to our article earlier today, Avengers fans assembled and the target was reached.  And now we get to see the latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron!

So much stuff is included in the trailer but we’ve put together some of the best parts:

0:11 – Ultron, speaking to Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, wearing a red cape which is a callback to his original comic book appearance as “The Crimson Cowl”

0:36 – A skyscraper in progress being severely messed up.  By Ultron drones perhaps?

0:40 – The Avengers Tower in all it’s glory!

0:45 & 0:53 – Stark discussing “The Ultron Programme” with Banner

0:55 – Captain America trying to, and failing, save someone trapped in their car from falling off the edge of a destroyed bridge.  Also, how freaking high is that bridge??

0:59 – A little piece of the footage shown at the Marvel event last year showing some early groundwork for Civil War between Cap and Stark

1:01 – Banner and Widow getting pretty close.  Those with Widow/Hawkeye (Wideye??) fan fiction will have to put it away I’m afraid.

1:07 – Baron Von Strucker with his Satan Claw weapon?

1:08 – A complete money shout of the team literally flying in to action.  A HQ version of this will become PC desktop wallpaper for many, many people no doubt!!

1:15 – Stark, minus suit but with at least one Iron Man gauntlet on, getting his hands on Loki’s Scepter.  Is this at the beginning of the movie when they invade Strucker’s castle?

1:14-1:23 – Nick Fury giving the team the rousing speech to send them in to battle

1:21 – Stand-off between Thor/Cap/Iron Man & Ultron/The Twins.  Also reminiscent of Cap’s stand-off with Red Skull in The First Avenger.

1:25 – Ominous works from Stark: “No way we all get through this.”  Will one of our Avengers might a terrible fate?

1:29 – Cap and Ultron fighting on top of a moving bus.  Cap’s shield stuck in Ultron!  Widow’s great “I’m always picking up after you boys!” line after Ultron tosses the shield away and she sweeps in on her motorcycle.

1:36-1:42 – As Ultron discusses tearing the team up from the inside we see more footage of the Hulk/Hulkbuster brawl (Hulk beating the bejesus out of the Hulkbuster as it shoots up the side of a skyscraper!), Scarlett Witch using her Hex powers to mess with Widow’s mind and Quicksilver hitting Cap with an uppercut that he literally does not see coming!

1:46 – “Is that the best you can do?!?” screams Thor.  Ultron obliges by sending in what looks like hundreds more drones to take them on.  “You had to ask” says Cap!

1:52 – Ohh… shiny new shock sticks for Widow!

1:53 – The whole team (including Scarlett Witch but no sign of Quicksilver, perhaps he’s moving too quick for us to see!) taking on the Ultron drones.  But what are they protecting in the middle?  The trailer briefly focuses on Thor before it, some sort of transportation device to get him back to Asgard for reasons we’ve yet to discover?

1:57 – And the title card.  Well that’s the trailer folks nothing else to see…….

2:02 – VISION!!!!!

Wow.  What a trailer!!  It gives us so much more new footage yet we still don’t know exactly whats going on.  Roll on the end of April (sorry US Consumers!)!!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is released April 24th in the UK and May 1st in the US

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