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The Best 5 Women In Current Media

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Top 5 Strong Female Characters In Current Media

Thanks to a variety of reasons, (and also straight up common sense,) we’ve been granted a recent increase of excellent female characters in our movies, tv shows, comic books, cartoons and video games. Here’s a selection of just five of those incredible fictional ladies.

Furiosa – Mad Max


Played by the flawless Charlize Theron, Furiosa is a fierce product of her post-apocalyptic environment. All shaved hair and grease war-paint, she’s simultaneously aggressive and solemn. She’s protective of the Wives, especially when threatened by Max early on, but despite her troubled life, she finds common ground with the titular character through her want of redemption. Her crude metal prosthetic also doesn’t hinder her, although we’re treated to some special moments of vulnerability when it’s removed in a few key scenes. Strong, unapologetic bad ass.

Hope Pym – Ant-Man

Hope Pym

Played by the excellent Evangeline Lilly, Hope is the daughter of original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. Living a life under the shadow of her mother’s untimely ‘death’, she struggles to convince her father to send her into the fray… Until that awesome mid-credits moment. She fights ferociously, often overpowering Scott Lang in their training sessions, and generally succeeding at being all around more well equipped for battle. She’s super intelligent, and does what needs to be done to get the job done. However, she allows herself to fall for Lang, proving that not all strong women need to be lone wolves.

Princess Bubblegum – Adventure Time

Princess Bubblegum

Voiced by Hynden Walch, PB is a master of science, as well as the ruler of a Candy Kingdom. She’s equal parts smarts and ruler, and she often hands Finn the logic needed to solve a task. She’s bright pink all over, literally made of bubblegum and super sweet, yet she’s still an awesome female character and a strong role model. She has a tonne of responsibilities and maintains them with a cool, logical head and a mightily skilled brain. She’s also not afraid to fight when needs be! A relationship with Marceline has been heavily implied by the show’s creators, which would certainly be a vast, and much needed, step forward for children’s television.

Honey Lemon/GoGo Tomago – Big Hero 6

Honey Lemon GoGo

Voiced by Genesis Rodriguez and Jamie Chung, Big Hero 6 presents us with two of Disney’s best female characters to date. Both incredibly intelligent, science-minded individuals, yet with polar opposite personalities and aesthetics. While GoGo is short, dressed in black, with dyed hair and a ‘don’t mess’ attitude, Honey Lemon is tall, gangly and very pink. The fact that both women are on an equal playing field in terms of intelligence and power is utterly wonderful, and only adds to Big Hero 6’s already fantastically diverse team of individuals. It shows that awesome ladies come in all shapes and sizes, attitudes and fashion-preferences!

Peggy Carter – Agent Carter

Peggy Carter

Played by the magnificent Hayley Atwell, Marvel’s golden lady is more than a little important. I’ve written all about Agent Carter before, but her existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is as excellent as it is important. She lives in a time of discrimination against women, when they were undoubtedly seen as ‘lesser’… Yet she triumphs. She uses the jibes and questionable treatment to her advantage, sculpting an intriguing double life more than welcome on our tv screens, both in her series and in movies. She’s been known to make both Steve Rogers and Howard Stark quiver in their boots, and it’s all kinds of wonderful to see the fellow agents in her office balk at her sharp tongue and quick wit when her secret agent exploits are finally revealed. The fact she does it all whilst maintaining a perfect red lip and a beautifully coiffed ‘do are all a bonus, especially for 40’s-aesthetic fans like myself. As an added plus, Hayley Atwell actively promotes both the show and character, as well as the importance of women’s presence in our media. Incredible.

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