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Cinderella Press Conference

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Disney’s animated fairy tale Cinderella the magical love story of an ill-treated heroine whose dreams come true, was a colossal moment in Disney’s rich cinematic history. With a production budget of close to $3 million, Cinderella was a huge financial risk for the studio at the time, but the film opened on February 15, 1950 to universal acclaim and was a big hit commercially, grossing more than $34 million and firmly solidifying the studio as a major force in the industry.Today, 65 years later, Cinderella has become one of the studio’s most treasured titles. The film is included on the American Film Institute’s list of the “10 Greatest Animated Films of All Time” and is an enduring fixture on America’s pop cultural landscape.

Fairy godmother cinderella

This week sees the release of the second animation-to-live-action adaptations from The House Of Mouse with many more to come. To help promote the film (with the help of a animated short starring arguably Disney’s most famous characters this century), Disney fittingly held their press conference in the ballroom at Claridge’s. The highly talented team was represented by lead actors Lily James and Richard Madden, one of the stepsisters Holliday Grainger, film’s director Kenneth Branagh, costume designer Sandy Powell and producers David Barron and Alli Shearmur. This fantastic panel answered the questions with an equally in-depth and witty approach and created a charming and welcoming atmosphere for the half hour the press had with them.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

There were some great questions asked about the making of this wonderful film, including details about production and design. I asked a question about one of my personal favourite moments in the movie, which as you know if you’ve read our review is Cinderella and Prince Charming’s first dance. The review can be found here. Go ahead and give this a listen, it’s really interesting to hear what the cast have to say about this beautiful feature.

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