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Cult Of Consume – Vol VIII

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Greetings and welcome to my little dark corner of Need To Consume, THE CULT OF CONSUME. This is where we look beyond the frontline of film, deep into the DVD racks, into the VOD void and around the back into the alleyway of re-releases. This isn’t the place for your blockbuster drudgery. I’m going to be bringing you hidden gems of the cult world, lost classics and certainly some films that have been forgotten for good reason.

There will be zombies. There will death. There will be terrible acting and set that move when touched. There will be nudity, violence, aliens, gods, gangsters, madmen and femme fatales. Come with me…


Be prepared, this is not a film for the faint hearted. Mommy is the tale of Die and Steve, a co-dependant mum-son combination. Die is a stuggling 40-something single mum, permanently stuck in her 20s, both figuratively and literally in fashion sense, who acts more like a old girlfriend to Steve than a mother. Steve is the powerhouse of this film, spinning and skating through it like a whirlwind, swinging from charming cherb to dangerous villain, but you follow him all the way.

Into their world they pull the timid neighbour and together the three start to form an unlikely balance and calm. Mommy is the blackest of black comedies, but filled with so much heart.

Unusually shot in the 1:1 ratio, the film feels claustrophobic, joyful, harrowing and funny all at the same time. An Almodovar for the modern generation.

Out Now From Metrodome


Hyena is ultimately a frustrating exercise in film-watching.

Telling the story of Michael, a corrupt London cop caught up in the ramifications of his choices, dealing with the fallout of his own hubris. He exists in the dark, seedy and overly fictitious underbelly of London.

Visually, the film is caught between two worlds. The cinematographer is clearly in love with the recent looks of Refn films, Drive and Only God Forgives, painting several early scenes in the same coloured neon and stylised contrast, but it lacks the courage of it’s convictions, soon resorting to the standard grey world of British police dramas, forgoing style for clarity.

Equally, the plot itself leaves the viewer lacking. Whilst the lead is a fine actor, his character is neither redemptive enough to connect with the audience or fleshed out enough to engender support. The story is an interesting one but one in the end I didn’t care about. And the abortive end only serves to highlight this.

A step above the usual fare but still drawn back into the mire of British gangster films.

Out Now From Metrodome


Buckaroo, The White House wants to know is everything ok with the alien space craft from Planet 10 or should we just go ahead and destroy Russia?

The very definition of a cult film, Buckaroo Banzai chronicles the tale of a neurosurgeon / rock star / adventurer and his band of scientists-cum-militia (The Hong Kong Cavaliers) as they take on alien invaders.

To say I loved this film is to sell my love short. I adored this film. From the gloriously intentional retro-future tech of the Cavaliers to the techno-organic ships of the aliens. The film is replete with interesting and creative details, from the individual cavaliers and their skills, to the apparently all-consuming desire of the film-makers to assign every character with a quirk and distinction. No one here is a stock character.

In addition, this film is a veritable feast of ‘I know them!’ with bit parts for Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Goldblum, Clancy Brown, Ellen Barkin, John Lithgrow and Vincent Schiavelli. As always the quality of extras from Arrow films is astounding, with interviews, alternate openings, commentaries and a pin sharp new transfer.

Go buy it, go buy it now.

Out Now From Arrow Films


Ah. yes. Weird Al Yankovic. This is not going to go well.

Weird Al is one of those odd cultural artefacts that just passed me by. A UK teenager in the 90s, he just didn’t break over here like he did in America. I’m away of his songs, might even know some of the words to White & Nerdy, but much like Tyler Perry, he remains a predominantly American obsession.

All this is the preamble to say that UHF was kinda…alright. Al plays George, who gets the job of turning around a dead cable TV channel and does so by giving air to the freaks and geeks of the town, giving a home to all the folks who have no other outlet.

Essentially this film is going to live or die by your enjoyment of Yankovic and his shtick. Me, I barely laughed and was only reminded of films that did this story better (Airheads, Empire Records).

One for Weird Al fans only.

Out Now From Fabulous Films


Now, as a white middle-class kid from Berkshire, I’m not I’m the right person to judge the African American experience, but something tells me this isn’t it.

Rappin tells the tale of Rappin Hood (Van Pebbles) a recent ex-con and rapper, returning to his neighbourhood. There, he finds it under attack from developers and gangs and so sets out to save his home, all via the power of rap.

Yes. Rap.

Mario is certainly a charismatic lead and sold support from his ‘gang’ and an early turn from Ice-T do make the film an enjoyable watch, but ultimately does feel like a group of white folks attempting to cash in on a black cultural experience they neither understood or cared for.

Interesting but only for the interested.

Out Now From Fabulous Films


Making the Nazi’s the good guys? Brave choice…

Soldiers Of The Damned tells the tale of a squad of Nazi soldiers (but, like, nice ones, who don’t like the evil SS or rapists) tasked with taking a scientist into a forest behind enemy lines, to recover an artefact. But soon his men start to die and all hell breaks loose.

Whilst I might question the premise of the film, once the horror kicks in, its is a very effective film, with the event of the forest equally perplexing as they scary, with excellent use being made of physical effects, CGI and even simple narrative tricks.

Whilst the ending deal leave the film feeling a bit flat at the climax, it was certainly an enjoyable ride to get there.

One for Friday night with some friends and beer, but worth that time.

Out Now From Safecracker Pictures.

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